Share local decoration website promotion operation and maintenance ideas

said the website promotion mode is an old topic, as a type of website maintenance that I need to consider the issue more, local site as an important window decoration market, bear the bridge type, the necessity of promotion of nature is not to say, as a place the main purpose of the network to do enterprise site optimization and promotion is profitable, however complete the main way of profit is the online orders, the turnover reached a certain probability, while ensuring the promotion and maintenance costs on to achieve the purpose of profit, so the share of local station decoration from the optimization and promotion in earnings:

(a) the site itself to adjust

what do you mean? Many companies simply believed that being a simple website to do Baidu bidding or optimization can bring good returns, in fact, a lot of enterprise website does not have special network maintenance personnel, it is not a knowledgeable decision makers, now do not say the skills of bidding Baidu, this point do people know not to do what, at least muddleheaded is to spend more money to harvest. Need to know some important information of enterprise web site, do so out of the station whether the search engine PPC or natural ranking appears to be worthwhile, for those willing to pay the costs of these, so what is the


site structure should be clear, I did a lot of enterprise site template, station quickly modify the functional difference of monotonic structure is relatively small, with many peers entering the enterprise network marketing, in order to control costs, do simple but not efficient fast template station. The website should have content, whether it is bidding or the promotion of the main purpose is to increase the rate of exposure in front of consumers, the exposure rate in order to get some hits, hits the natural that the turnover rate, many web content is single, actually is not necessary to do Baidu bidding and optimization, it is not that spend the money, the contents do not necessarily have the user experience, but no content without the user experience, visitors would not have been staring at your company profile and product information. Do the analysis of peer website, this point is particularly important, my station now experienced three revision, frankly is a big change, the reason is very simple that website experience is not enough is not rich enough, the service of website whole industry is not very strong, not enough to attract users to stay lost in vain the customer resources. Do peer excellent site analysis, take a good part of their experience, integrated in their website design, to the user experience points. Don’t simply imitate stand, as a veteran of the decoration company, do enterprise web site has more than 8 years, every year, you can see a lot later, in the peer analysis found in the site, many sites are similar between, from the content to the website channel to the overall beauty industry similarity is very high, this is obviously imitation station, blind copy peer big brand enterprise site, lost the characteristics and culture of their own enterprises, give the user the feeling is not good.

(two) site is do the bidding or optimization of < >

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