Fire investors how to know people

June 17th, "which · nine rich Sino US financial technology entrepreneurship competition known as the" China "into the" Silicon Valley of Shenzhen. From Shanghai, Chengdu to Shenzhen, the emergence of these three outstanding financial and technological innovation projects can be described as endless, but also let us see the future development of Fintech space.


this year, however, the Internet ushered in the development of standardized financial year, even for outstanding entrepreneurs, living in the tide of financial innovation, competition is still grim. How to grasp the trend of economic development in the crucial period of industrial restructuring, attract the attention of investors, investment institutions get attention? We can win. You need to first understand the investors focus on innovative project, and nine rich entrepreneurship competition gives some reference direction.

look at people: team background and products to match

it is well known that when investing in early projects, people and teams are very important criteria for investors. In fact, investors fancy entrepreneurial team more than its business model. Specifically, what kind of team is more favored by investors?

to determine whether the early team focused on team background, experience, and the direction of the project. The team should have a deep understanding of the field, the products and the users. If the founder itself is the target user, this is a big advantage, otherwise you need to have a strong empathy, user thinking and management skills.

and team members need to look at the background, rather than just rely on a resume to identify. Some past experience can only prove that they are good managers, but the business need is outstanding pioneers; some people from successful startups, but perhaps just a ride only; some people entrepreneurial success, but the next success rate as things will bring about greater risk. The resilience of entrepreneurs, learning ability, the ability to interpret the data, awe, inclusive mind, trust among members, these can become the advantages of the founding team.

ability to see: technology and market operations are equally important

new technology and new platform for entrepreneurs, capital of excitement and impulse, VR, AR, big data, robots, unmanned and other high-tech hot spots at home has not been much affected the winter capital, but in fact the market space and can hold the opportunity is limited. How to get a share in the field of science and technology innovation is the key technology, financial technology is also the same.


this year’s nine rich entrepreneurship competition to pay more attention to science and technology, large data risk control and anti fraud and other financial field of science and technology, pay attention to risk control and the input of science and technology. Nine rich strategic investment group in Shenzhen division director Masi had said that the support of technological innovation development needs financial. Financial infrastructure for

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