Have to say the color marketing to your product points

in the American marketing community, it is summed up a set of color related "7 second law": under normal circumstances, consumers will be in the next 7 seconds to decide whether to buy a product. In this short span of 7 seconds, the color of the factors can account for about 67% of the proportion.

"color theory" for everyone in the world, every enterprise, and even the success of the brand, bringing a full range of super effect. Many businesses to seize opportunities, the use of color theory for product marketing success beyond count. From the 80s of last century, foreign countries began to implement the "color marketing strategy", has been widely used. In recent years, more and more Chinese enterprises pay more and more attention to the role of color in product marketing.

Why does

change the color to bring such a significant effect?

1 red. Red always makes people think of hot, especially in summer, if you stay in the red room, will feel irritable, so also has " urgent " meaning.

2 yellow is reminiscent of the sun, so it has " happy "; " happiness " meaning. At the same time, the yellow light in the store is often easier to make people feel comfortable and warm, but also to enhance the beauty of things.

3 Blue reminiscent of the sky or the sea, quiet and peaceful, so with " quiet "; " peaceful " meaning.

4 green symbolizes the green leaf forest, has " pure natural "; " nature does not add " meaning.

5 pink usually represents romance and women, representing "love" and "warmth"".

if necessary, you can rethink your brand definition and brand value, and then select the appropriate color to express these attributes. Using a palette to activate your brand’s true DNA, your marketing will be a great success.

, for example, many brands you know, but also the use of color marketing. Such as Nikon, Amazon, Fanta and Firefox the main use of orange soda; IBM, Lloyd’s, American Express and HP blue logo and color scheme; use pink trademark brands include the secret of Vitoria, Brisbane, Bobbi and so on.

Let’s look at the specific

, last year, the company launched "stage"

is a "Rose cheese baked chicken burger, pressed into flower pink bread sprinkled rose petals, with grilled chicken meat and cheese is the main female consumers;

another "black diamond Bacon spicy chicken burger is black bread and corn flour, fried chicken and meat sandwich is Bacon, collocation hardcore chili sauce, seems to be male or spicy customers will be more attractive.

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