They confirm the completion of 1 billion 500 million C round of financing Tencent collar vote again


technology news August 15th afternoon news today news, broadcast platform Betta has been obtained by Phoenix capital Tencent, led the 1 billion 500 million C round of financing. Confirm the message Betta insiders on Sina technology. It is understood that this is the second year after March, Tencent once again lead investor financing macropodus.

formerly known as ACFUN Betta live live broadcast live, on January 1, 2014 officially renamed the betta TV headquarters is located in Hubei Province, Wuhan City, East Lake Development Zone, Optics Valley Software Park, the current staff of about 800 people. According to official data in March this year the betta Betta DAU, 15 million months for 200 million, the highest number of online at the same time reached 4 million.

in March this year, they announced the completion of $100 million (about 670 million yuan) B round of financing, the Tencent invested 400 million yuan investment led, Sequoia Capital, investment capital with nanshan.

so far this year, Betta financing amount has exceeded 2 billion yuan. In addition to fish, the game live field has been quite popular, teeth, pearl, game broadcast platform has been fighting banners have inextricably involved. The ImbaTV, fire cat TV in the last six months have capital movements.

although the game live in the air above, this is a burn less O2O industry. In addition to the broadcast platform in marketing, sponsorship and cooperation, etc., while a live platform for millions of users online, only 30 million yuan per month to reach the bandwidth cost of $40 million.

YY CFO He Zhenyu has said publicly that plans to invest 700 million yuan tiger live, among them, bandwidth budget is 260 million yuan, about sponsorship fee is 200 million yuan, is expected to invest 100 million RMB in marketing.

however, and burn is relatively at present, live game industry is not very clear profit model. And, as in the first half of this year, "1000 sowing war" broke out, pan live has become a giant battle field, pattern yet, with the financing in the field of live fish, or will start the next round of competition. (


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