Four key points to improve the execution of network marketing

ah, sometimes maybe it is when cornered will really pay attention to, to act. So, in contact with a lot of enterprises, understand the importance of network marketing a lot of enterprises, know the network marketing strategies and methods of the enterprise a lot, but in the study of the real implementation of less. Executive culture is particularly important in the practice of network marketing. Those who have achieved success on the network of enterprises, none of the action is strong, the implementation of the enterprise is in place. Ma Yun said, I would rather have three streams of creativity and first-class execution, nor the implementation of the three streams and first-class creativity". Do not, there will be no results.

I wrote an article on the marketing execution article – "enforcement, communication, self – from a promotion of marketing executive power in three aspects", published in 2003 tenth "sales and marketing" magazine, this paper analyzes several key points of marketing executive power. Contact a lot of companies, they are doing business, the implementation of the problem is indeed a small business owners headache. It is not only reflected in the marketing activities of enterprises, but also reflected in all aspects of business management.

in particular, the network marketing of traditional enterprises is a new knowledge, new methods, is the need to use the Internet technology and the Internet platform to do marketing knowledge, the vast majority of business owners and marketing personnel are not exposed to the past, and professional network marketing talent is very small, so execution is more the difficulty, sometimes even developed a network marketing strategy, it is difficult to perform.

investigate the reasons, probably in the following areas:

1 no professional network marketing talent, even if the network marketing is very important but do not know how to do;

2 line of business is too, the enterprise is not forced to live to the point where the network marketing can do not do;

3 tried to do it, but encountered some problems and difficulties to give up easily;

4 for a period of time, found that there seems to be no imagination of the effect, began to doubt the value of network marketing, so give up;

5 bosses think network marketing is very important, but because of busy, busy, delayed, died;

6 no flow, no system, a lot of ideas, do not know where to start;

7 does not have network marketing performance evaluation standards, do not know how to manage the network marketing team, the implementation is not in place, the results are not clear;

how to solve the problem of network marketing execution


I am here to clarify some misunderstanding.

has a good network marketing program, thought to be able to achieve the desired results.

has a few people will do promotion, thought to be able to do a good job in network marketing.


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