The sky online promotion plan and strategy

      the whole sky online web content to people seem to have a rich learning and employment information, gives a fresh and rich resources of the website system this is worthy of our own affirmation!!! The website ranked 733509th in the Alexa, we have achieved a 300 thousand ranking in a short leap, only to continue the promotion and promotion efforts but the main thing is to keep the website promotion strategy change and binding to the real purpose of the promotion, and only from the SEO strategy to promote our website to get the biggest promotion effect!

      META tag keyword Butian online home need to summarize and modify now is not consistent with the SEO keyword use and function, of course, the inside of the inside pages of keywords also need to modify the definition and the increase of the original text, right around the key word optimization,.

      Web site settings to provide RSSfeed and the content of our web site is useful, often updated, someone will aggregate the RSS content of our website, news aggregation function

      interesting and useful interviews are easy to be original, and spread quickly. We can understand for students to write the article, and every time we go to lectures in the channel of colleges and universities, and college students can also talk into our own original articles, an original article can bring infinite energy and SEO flow, search engines will be inevitable, the the contents do fine, don’t just do copy or paste porters, and to their original content, or to attract users to create content. In the same platform, innovation is not the same service, topics, content, so that no one I have, I have refined".

      a very big drawback of the site is the lack of a site partner’s seat and an ad position with the enterprise

      for example, this is just the beginning of the site and we can do a good job of cooperation in the free advertising, this almost a lot of talent and other sites are fully applied to the Strait of talent and other applications. This is a flaw in our website. This can not only bring together a number of enterprises can also be part of the site to bring a lot of cooperation,

      now the information station, station personnel, almost all local stations have some information service for the convenience of the web site, we can also add some convenient online Butian information such as student often use exam address (the convenience for students to change).

      Web site or not to add a classmate, the number of students, let us set up a bridge between the sincere friendship, Bi

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