51 credit card C round of financing 84 million will launch hundreds of millions of scale industria

30 days a total of nearly $51 credit card financing


today announced the acquisition of 51 credit cards and Castrol investment intime group totaled $84 million C+ round of financing, credit card in 51 shortly before the four anniversary of the conference has just been announced by the day the investment and A shares of Listed Companies in the new lake treasure led a $310 million C round of financing, within 30 days of the 51 credit card received a total of nearly $400 million financing.

51 credit card from a credit card billing management APP started, after the accumulation of data, the realization of the flow of financial derivatives commercial process. After 4 years of operation, the accumulation of a total of 70 million credit card users of the order of magnitude, and thus the entrance of the layout of the micro credit, finance, staging and other financial services, the establishment of a credit card financial ecosystem.

in addition to continue to improve the credit product line, expand consumer financial market share, to promote the "51 character card" plan, 51 credit card will also initiated the establishment of the fund industry, focusing on the financial technology industry and downstream enterprises to invest in mergers and acquisitions, credit card financial ecology beyond the expansion of a broader and longer life cycle system.

51 credit card CEO Sun Haitao revealed that the size of the fund will reach hundreds of millions of dollars, the main focus of asset classes, data classes, credit and other categories of investment targets, is expected to be completed during the year. The establishment of the fund industry will make up 51 of the assets, credit card data, such as the scene, sponsors and funders, 51 credit cards will continue to export flow, technology and other high quality assets, capabilities and products, undertake infrastructure service platform role.

in early 2016, the completion of the credit card for the 99 installment of the strategic mergers and acquisitions in, and in June will be upgraded to the brand to give you flowers, took the first step to explore the outside of the credit card users. Sun Haitao introduction, the current 51 credit cards have been profitable, the current monthly revenue exceeded $100 million, is expected this year, total revenue will be more than 1 billion yuan.

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