Micro blog marketing are you ready


said micro-blog marketing, some boss shook his head, sniff at it, ah this is not suitable for us to engage in business, it is a tool that you have Xiaonianqing nothing to pass the time. The reason is that they do not have a good grasp of micro-blog marketing skills, it can not understand the benefits of micro-blog marketing.

here Shanghai Yongcan Xiao Tong and I share a little bit for the opinion of micro-blog marketing. Micro-blog marketing is a double-edged sword, with a good he can be a weapon in your hand, with a bad that can really be folded and lost the soldiers. The following is a common problem in Shanghai Yongcan Xiao Tong for several micro-blog operators share the.

: the first instant success, do not

often some boss only heard people micro-blog is how to attract the number of fans, how can a burst of red overnight, how to make money through micro-blog, thinking through some of the best ideas, fame, but to really pay attention to our fans and we, we in the end what they are doing and never to consider.

second: crisis awareness is not strong


is an open platform, anyone can make comments forwarded above, which of course you love is not love you, sometimes there are some bad reviews, business owners began to fear, often choose to escape. What is more about fighting and fans. In fact, another way to think about it, when someone says you are not good, you have to do to solve the problem, the rational use of unfavorable information to achieve a favorable conversion, whether it is to establish a good image of the enterprise on the other hand.

set a good corporate image, we should establish the standard, according to the characteristics of enterprises to develop specialized micro-blog use standard, pledge. For example, to prohibit the disclosure of commercial secrets of enterprises; banned enterprises have been officially published information; no release detrimental to the corporate image information; not in micro-blog to work to complain or grumble; not to use vulgar language; the unclear problem should be referred to the relevant departments of the enterprise and so on.

third: I gently to take away a cloud


is a poly contacts, you must have good people, good people that others need you when you reach out to interact, don’t play in the micro-blog low-key, I have your heart can be more interactive, multi message, take part in some hot topics, let micro-blog hot their.

fourth: there is no strength to support the team,

many companies still lack of micro-blog marketing personnel, lack of team building, the result is not seriously implemented in the implementation of micro-blog marketing.

typically, on the one hand, the practice operation team on micro-blog’s exploration experience is not rich enough, at the same time, the features of micro-blog even do not understand the profound effect; on the other hand, team members knowledge and skills of marketing control is not enough, neither in each ring > micro-blog marketing

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