The integrity of the community to start from the commitment to comment on the promise of China commi

when I saw the promise of China network, my heart immediately excited. (hereinafter referred to as the commitment network)

I hate not keep promises to the people, because they do not keep promise, not only will make me suffer, and make arrangement for me to follow each other’s commitment work plan will be aborted, let me to my customer commitment can not do, will let my customers for his client also stood up, even by channeling day. Maybe some people think that some things is one thing, but he knows me and my customers, my clients may also delay the work, so dishonest people to delay others? A little promise stood up, may cause a series of problems


is committed to improving the integrity of people and society as a whole?.

The promise of

network introduced ourselves: "China commitment network" of concern in today’s society people’s thinking and behavior, to guide the individual to the family, love and marriage commitment to career, friends and customer commitment, and the commitment of businesses to consumers, as a socially responsible person. The so-called good, said to do, Chinese efforts to advocate "commitment commitment is the philosophy of gold", for the creation of a harmonious society to assume responsibility and mission of


to see the founder of the site is a sense of responsibility, commitment to carry forward the commitment to the culture of the network responsibility. I am waiting for the common people’s expectations of the integrity of society.

I think that commitment is not only gold, not only a philosophy, or a basic quality of life, or the necessary atmosphere of social harmony and progress.

The promise of

network to set up a personal commitment, love, friendship, marriage commitment commitment commitment, service commitment, commitment to quality, business commitment, social commitment, the commitment of the government and other sections, also set up a commitment star column. From this we can see that the promise does involve every aspect of our lives. I personally believe that the integrity of society, a harmonious society should start from the promise to start. In order to promote the development of commitment network, I analyzed the promise of the network, hoping to promote the development of commitment network.

first, the lack of commitment to the real content of the commitment, the content of the building from the real, real, exemplary.

is currently only 4 online business commitment commitment, commitment to friendship is only 5 content, service commitment is only 8 content, but the content is reproduced online news and information, is not really a formal commitment, more rarely is the user to promise net release of commitment. Commitment to the content of the network should be a real commitment to individuals or units on behalf of the launch, commitment can be less, but must be true, to be real, to have the role of guidance and demonstration. For example, the commitment to the three strategic plans online is a good real commitment.

two, column settings too much, the focus is not prominent.

from the site’s content analysis results, we can see that too many columns set. More than a lack of energy, the focus is not prominent. The site should be selected in the early days

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