Examples of planning and analysis of electronic commerce website on

I used to promote and promote other sites, has never been aimed at the type of e-commerce website for the planning and analysis. But this time I choose the electronic commerce website, 114 electric cars on spent more than a month, the time of electronic commerce strategy and analysis summary:

first: choose what industry e-commerce site. This is generally based on your interests and niche markets, while innovation and creativity.

second: choose a good domain name, the domain name is also very important. The domain name is easy to remember, easy rule: lose clear meaning.

third; select a site with a unique name. Internet competition is very large, we choose the name is more important than the domain name. Because the site can not be released on behalf of the domain name, only through the name of the site to reflect the living.

fourth: choose good programs and templates. This step is very important, because the choice of a good template program for your convenient operation, and the program time updates faster, the site is now uploaded to the Internet in general want to change easily or not conducive to optimization.

fifth: the home page title, key words and description of this is also very important. E-commerce and the general channel and columns are very many, we must according to the row between the home page and the frequency of the relationship between the page. First of all, the industry’s most popular primary key words. Here is not a detailed description, only the station as the station will gradually come out slowly.

sixth: the website of the channel and the column is more important than the home page. Now Baidu has changed the algorithm, the two domain name and sub directory page weight is also very high. Now even if the home page keyword make home page is also very small, because the 10 Baidu in addition to their Baidu advertising now so little traffic. At the same time, the electronic commerce channel column is very much, we only from the channel page to keyword ranking and traffic is very good.

how to select keyword method:

1: we use the Baidu Index and Google Trends and other search engine index to find.

2: we search through the search engine to search for popular keywords, and then through the search box can be reflected in the following columns. Generally from left to right, from top to bottom search more people.

3: we search through the search engine to search the key words and then the number of pages listed, the more the stronger the general page keywords, this rule is not absolute.

4: we go through the industry to find a large e-commerce channel section of the channel to see which channel information. Through Alibaba and HC, and the site for a long time, the relatively large amount of information of the electronic commerce station to check.

summary: all the home page and channel page keywords, title and description to find out and use a detailed list of the form, the line carefully selected. >

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