1 million fans can have 1000 hardcore fans economy is not so easy

anyone, just have 1000 hardcore fans, that is, no matter what you create works, he is willing to pay for the purchase of fans, you can live".


We believe that on the

KK theory of one thousand fans are not unfamiliar, especially in the popular media community economy, this theory is called the standard. However, the final result is always, the rationale to understand, but also the eggs. The author of the public number of WeChat technology from the media, for example, to say why KK one thousand fans theory does not fly.

first, select one thousand hardcore fans

current from the commercialization of the media is divided into two situations: one is the beginning of membership fee system to V, opinion leaders as the center; the other is a grassroots oriented, through the wide net, accumulated to a certain extent the start of commercial. The reality is often the latter – when the fans reached a certain amount of time do not know how to cash.

throw interest and spiritual level of things, if a public number can not be commercialized, what is the meaning of it? I say so, in some people may be more utilitarian, but the fact is so. Imagine that you have worked so hard to manage the public number, at first only for interested, want to find a group of people who have the same values by a public number, a year down there are about 100000 fans, you also have a certain understanding of the industry, but with the amount of reading WeChat began to continue to decline, in which the energy is more and more big (or even has affected your work), then had to decide whether to give up work? Or give up the public? If do public work than fun, but also the interests of the temptation is higher than the salary, most will choose to do public number, because it means more likely.

when you set foot on the journey to do the public number, it is necessary to consider the business model (to find a number of corporate sponsorship no better). If you can not achieve profitability in the B side, you can only consider the C side. From the end of the C will be willing to choose to pay for the content of one thousand fans.

then, if love TA buys TA

couples break up, usually say such words, TA good, but we really do not fit. The same is true for the attention of the media from the talk: push content is very good, but I can not afford to pay for such a long term. Although WeChat’s public number for people from the media provides a wide point, the reward function, but it is not enough to support a self media. Take the number of public reward in terms of the main problems are:

A. most of the readers only occasionally reward;

The amount of

B. playing is generally not high;

C. improvisational play too many users;

D. increasingly entangled in the contents of the push.

I press more than 100 thousand of the number of fans, for example, a simple account of the people from the media account. According to open rate >

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