Network marketing in the user experience is important customer service is more important


user experience, I think these are the recent SEO optimization webmaster provided more than before, no matter from the page layout, the quality of the contents of the article, or the external links mentioned are more, but the face of the recent upgrade, Baidu and Google search engine optimization technique and algorithm of changing the user experience, seems to have the webmaster friends to discuss English, your site optimization is not good, the user experience is not good, your website customer service needs to be improved, the conversion rate need to be adjusted, and so on, when it seems to link exchange plays a "market", but if the simple about it doesn’t really mean. He shouted slogans out and let people realize, understand myself and the company for the sins of


Sunday night suddenly found their site domain name expired in June 11th, after all their hard training sites will not give up, one is, there is a need to renew,, domain name service provider website when results this time last year to buy the domain name directly stopped, no way, consulted a number of Zhengzhou the domain name and website construction agents, using the same said no agents agree with each other and there is no way to accept the domain transfer work, must both agree that I really dead, just to find the previous phone service providers, can finally help transfer the domain name, sometimes it is more urgently more chaos unluckily, consulted several Zhengzhou more familiar with the professional website domain name service provider (alas, later really need to find some positive The rules of the site registered domain name, or it is to give yourself to find trouble, good domain name and website is not so famous, hey hey.

The results of

Sunday, few people on duty, but also some technology in the domain name, the service is not in, also said that second days of talk, anyway, always is the domain name registration has not completed, time waits for no man, this time had to help a friend in Shanghai, finally there directly to shift past successful renewals, although a domain name the price is not expensive, but this feeling is a direct impact on customer service, the company’s profit, whether it is business or marketing network market, really, deep, no customer will follow your schedule to go, not to mention to the businessmen short time directly affect the operation effect of the company.

here is not deliberately said Zhengzhou website construction and the domain name service provider is not good, only to find some differences in the operation plan really north and south of the business enterprise, at least I can feel this, found several Zhengzhou Internet service provider, written on the website 24 hours *7 time effective customer service, but do not have a few, even though there is not a full set of technical services to many other process is less, but a line is not complete, I practice is confirmed, take this to find more well-known is that other small, do not know, no dare to look; instead, also looked at the Southern Network service before looking for friends in Shanghai >

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