Hungry for 90 million take away O2O hot war

each reporter Zhao Na

at the end of July, Baidu confirmed takeout financing for $250 million and will split the independent development, coupled with the U.S., Ali reputation takeout, takeaway O2O market increasingly fierce competition. Now, with the emergence of new variables, the outcome seems to be more difficult to judge.

yesterday (August 27th), Hualian shares (000882, SZ) announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary of Singapore business company intends to increase form Rajax (main brand hungry) shareholders, capital amounted to $90 million. So far, hungry if you want to take away the United States and the United States, Baidu take out the fight to win or lose, the competition is still funding plus resources. That is the price war funds have enough ‘ammunition’". O2O analyst, one hundred million euros network co-founder Huang Yuanpu on the daily economic news reporter said.

$90 million is "Overture"


Hualian shares announced that the company positioning for the Singapore business operators community shopping center, catering industry accounted for a very high in the shopping center, and hungry as a mobile food service platform China leading business, have very strong complementarity with the company, they can cooperate with each other for the surrounding community residents to provide more convenient services.

it is reported that takeaway O2O platform hungry it has been in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and other 25 first tier cities, with more than 4000 full-time distribution team and more than 200 thousand part-time distribution team.

according to the "daily economic news" reporter, August 16th, hungry to publish open distribution platform strategy, announced that this year will be in the 500 City recruiting delivery team, to support the daily average of more than 3 million orders of the demand distribution. To complete so many distribution tasks, the practice is to build a social crowdsourcing logistics.

it is worth noting that the last round of financing is hungry in January, $350 million E round of financing, Tencent, Jingdong and public comment, etc.. D round of $80 million financing occurred in May last year, the public comment and other existing investors. From hunger and its own development and competition in the industry to see the current situation, the parent company’s $90 million capital increase does not seem to be enough.

from the current situation, Hualian shares should not be the biggest investor. Huang Yuanpu said, $90 million is only a part of the new financing, hungry, this round of financing may be hundreds of millions of dollars, should be announced soon. Money, hungry to get more money to support their orders into three; resources, some online traffic hungry public comment, and the Jingdong has no collocation was particularly good, the lower part of the line resources may have with the future and Hualian; on the whole, hungry do not change the main direction, i.e. logistics open platform high frequency online traffic entrance room + line based on extending from the takeaway deeply into the food chain and daily consumer goods distribution.

this, hungry, the relevant person in charge did not respond to the reporter on the parent company was the capital increase

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