Mobile phone pornographic website a stirring among the dry bones

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researcher at the Chinese Academy of Sciences

mobile phone pornographic website "a stirring among the dry bones"


operators responded, for illegal sites, can only be found in a case of a case.

at the end of last year, the mobile phone website involved a raise a Babel of criticism of Huang made several major operators in the development of 3G value-added services before much torture, after treatment for more than 5 months make snap, whether the effect is obvious? Researcher at the Chinese Academy of science and technology policy and management science first report the phenomenon of Li Qiang "in a research report issued yesterday first the Financial Daily" said, had been knocked out of the mobile phone jurisprudence site and sign a stirring among the dry bones.

reporter saw this copy to the national pornography Office of the Ministry and the State Administration of radio, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom, network information security policy by the Chinese Academy of science and technology joint research group released the "network information security situation report", "business jurisprudence ChenKe still".

repeatedly banned

report shows that, although China Mobile in the past few months to take a series of measures to remediation jurisprudence WAP site, but there are still part of the mobile province company, contrary to the line".

Li Qiang from the January 2010 ~3 month 25 days, to test these jurisprudence site, found that China Mobile Beijing and Shanghai two companies of their own "mobile phone business to financial TV programs" illegal website promotion, "Li Qiang said, affected by this, a lot of" webmaster "again, a large number of pornographic mobile phone WAP a stirring among the dry bones website."

prior to this, was found using pornographic websites to promote the main or SP (value-added service provider) business.

sites use this report lists the business promotion, in addition to Beijing and Shanghai mobile, also includes a number of SP, including: with interest Technology Co. Ltd., Beijing Online Star Wars Power Technology Co. Ltd. music creators play happy, Shenzhen digital fish communication mobile phone navigation, Beijing palm interested in science and technology big game player and the Shenzhen digital communication situation such as star fish.

Li Qiang believes that the fundamental reason of pornographic and other illegal mobile phone WAP website, repeatedly playing different lvjinbujue, individual is the basic telecom operators difficult to let go of the jurisprudence of interests, and the absence of supervision of the telecommunications administration, also contributed to the individual basic telecom operators in the oral crackdown on the objective, practical and pornographic etc. illegal WAP webmaster ogle, and even collusion, as unhealthy umbrella.

Li Qiang suggested that this "mobile phone pornography" the key is to implement the "basic telecom business leaders accountability", so as to truly implement the "on the further improvement of mobile phone pornographic steering action program".

how to eradicate


reporter learned that, for Li Qiang dial in the survey and research found in these questions >

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