Why my website will be hacked

station is black is inevitable

      every holiday season, is a frequent occurrence of hacking incidents. Now to the year, hacker attacks will emerge in an endless stream, all enterprises and institutions also intensify information security, at the same time for hacking news comes out.

      1, April 20, 2006 China suspected hacker attacks resulting UnionPay system burst fault, Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou and other big city have appeared unable to cross bank withdrawals, POS machines can not consumption; experts predict the attack and the implementation of a UnionPay fees, in fact this was indeed fees most people are not satisfied with the conditions of the compulsory implementation.

      2, the morning of September 11, 2006, the website of Chellona Mobile Communications Corporation Cmcc hxxp://s.chinamobile.com is a signed "935fa12ec828a3f3" hackers tampering with the home page of the site, and graffiti: "ask mobile calls cheaper not……" , while being black and China Mobile’s brand dynamic belt site (hxxp://s.m-zone.com.cn).

      3, the Baidu Inc in September 12, 2006 by hackers use a technique called SYN flooding (SYN flooding) continued to attack, through a large number of false IP address to establish complete connection, make service overload, so that Baidu can not provide normal service. This is because Baidu negative incidents at the time, such as Baidu’s commercial advertisers because of commercial disputes to sue Baidu, some people even claimed that the trouble making contact to the hacker, the hacker said: "don’t love Baidu, especially the recent layoffs, and pole and Sohu slobber war events, Baidu’s handling of let him very unhappy, so Baidu decided to black." The veteran hacker stressed, black Baidu is just the name of ‘hacker’ personal behavior."

      4, November 6, 2006 Henan Office of personnel website was hacked, on 10 may, the Bureau of justice website suffered the same fate. According to deputy general manager of the Zhengzhou city government website has served as the third party evaluation of Henan network company said that the current government website hardware facilities throughout Zhengzhou city and provincial authorities should be first-class. As for the "black", the reasons may be multifaceted.

      according to the expert explained: "service consciousness is not strong, the website used to charge the facade, which is almost a common problem of the government website, the service consciousness determines the responsibility consciousness, service consciousness is not strong, the sense of responsibility is not good to go, is the" black "is reasonable."


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