Host 91 new year big promotion discount of up to eighty percent off

as the new year’s bell is getting closer and closer, the major operators have started new year promotions. Won the "best virtual host" title in 2014 excellent domestic IDC service providers selection activities in the host 91 also launched immediately good new year promotional activities, the price of 60 yuan per month in Hongkong host the minimum as long as 16 yuan, the maximum discount of nearly eighty percent off.  

host 91 of the preferential activities from January 30th (New Year’s day) at 0:00 on the beginning of the morning to the end of thirty on February 7th, the need to buy the webmaster friends do not miss the time. Host 91 host Windows and Hongkong Linux hosts are participating in the event, the host configuration is very suitable to build a personal website or small and medium enterprise website, including:

l  500M disk space

l  unlimited flow

l  database size

l  unlimited concurrent connection number

l  24*7 professional technical support

l  can build two sites

l  a key to install WordPress, Drupal, Discuz


host 91 is a new world data center in Hongkong, mainland China, speed and stability are guaranteed. There is a pretty good evaluation in the webmaster, their servers are using 100% DELL server, and the use of SSD SSD as a system disk, strong performance. His Windows host uses the Windows Server 2008 R2 operating system, while supporting ASP.NET 2.0/3.5 SP1/4.0/4.5 and PHP 5.3/5.3/5.4, providing MSSQL 2012 and MySQL 5 database. And support for Microsoft URLRewrite 2, and other Windows host, the choice of host in terms of SEO will be more convenient.

  Linux host 91 is used in the cPanel control panel CloudLinux the most widely used operating system and application of the most advanced, compared to CloudLinux and the other by Red Hat or CentOS Linux virtual host system, the biggest advantage is that he is dedicated to operating system design environment of virtual host, user resource isolation, do not interfere with each other. In order to ensure the speed and stability of each user site.  


years to replace the host of friends can not miss the host 91 of the preferential activity, not to be missed.

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