Xie Xie some basic ideas to promote the site

Xie said today that the promotion of some of the basic ideas of the site:

1 tell everyone about your business. This method does not make much sense, because your site is not only to let people know your business, but also to those who do not understand your business people look!

2 is advertised in newspapers and magazines. This method belongs to the conventional advertising, and the cost is huge, no long-term effect.

3 send a large number of commercial declared commercial messages, most of the addressee is spam, advertising also slander your business image.

4 in the large business site or directory of registered members. This method has a certain effect, once the success of the Alibaba and other well-known e-commerce site, but because the business website and yellow pages restrictions on the free membership, directly lead to reduce the amount of information, is a direct result of the loss of value gradually. But with the rapid development of the search engine market, e-commerce website and yellow pages are gradually losing the attention of people.

5 in the industry website advertising. Online advertising click rate of 0.5% or less, there is no long-term effect, the advertising effect is worrying.

6 in a large search engine to register your site, want to know your business people can search engine, according to the desired product to find you. Search engine based on the target search query, is recognized as the best and most mature website promotion. CNNIC latest survey report shows: search engine is the most important way for users to learn the new site, site visits 82.2% from the search engine. Search engine based on the target search query, is recognized as the best and most mature website promotion. If you want your site not just to enjoy yourself, you have to pay enough attention to the search engine.

site registered to the famous search engine, why still no effect

do you have this experience, search in the search engine information, you find that the page prompts 5000 messages, which one you see? You are most likely to just look at the first page of the 10, or even just before 3, or you have the patience to turn to page second see article 11-20. Most turn to page third see thirtieth. Inadvertently, you ignore thirty-first to 5000th of the information, which is valuable. If you register to search engine, but unfortunately can only appear in the search results of the thirty-first to the 5000th, this registration is meaningful to you?.

if you can’t get to the top of the search ranking in the major search engine registration will have no meaning for you! The reason is very simple: tens of thousands of search results, your site is not ranked, but customers generally only see the row in front of the results. The results show that: in a search engine keyword search results, the top ten pages will have access to 60>

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