Think about a social marketing confession by micro blog believers

embrace social media marketing era, first of all, we should attach importance to the power of people, all return to the relationship between people, whether this person is your consumers, employees or partners. When we talk about social marketing to talk about relationships, to trust, no relationship, no relationship, no marketing. But what is the relationship, how to establish a relationship to maintain the relationship, when we were self-centered, doing the traditional marketing work in social media, as the voice of the user to disregard the superior, so how to win the victory to win the relationship of social marketing.

now, whether it is business or professional discussion more and more about social marketing, to have the question, have agreed, approved, and have believed that there are negative, wandering, longing, confused, I believe that this trend has been unstoppable, you believe it or not, we will be involved in the field of history the change in the flow is eliminated or contrarian will be your choice.

a few days ago to make a major decision, will be introduced to their own social marketing micro-blog followers, from the words we can easily understand my love and fascination for social marketing. From the beginning of 2011 on micro-blog, wrote so many articles, no matter how others call me, teacher, expert or Master, I only know that I was a believer in social marketing, my own experience and I was contacted by the enterprise are sufficient to prove that the embrace of social media, whether individuals or businesses can find their proper value. Early to think about social marketing write, many companies see the achievements in the era of social media, also saw many companies feel good is slowly abandoned in this era of self.

I want to take this opportunity to own some practice and thinking about social marketing share, so. Maybe a little messy, not organized. I want to try to avoid as far as possible, in order to express true feelings, occasionally for Tucao also please forgive me. The expression of formal logic, first write on recently when I saw some things triggered.


a company micro-blog happened touching story

September 7th

micro-blog marketing training class, I talked about the management of micro-blog fans, mentioned for fans of the advice, suggestions, questions enterprises to quickly respond to the resolute patience enthusiasm, after I invited the scene of small enterprises can share their stories with the fans running micro-blog’. A girl stood up and told the story that happened to her:

girl in the enterprise is an international well-known sporting goods supermarket brand, she is responsible for the official micro-blog an enterprise China area. One day a fan of a sports consulting her private letters (like treadmills, expensive) professional, but she did not accept professional training, she can tell the fans customer service telephone consultation, but she apparently did not do so. She first with the professional

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