A5 financing briefing network entertainment master billion was extraordinary financing open enterta

1 Papi technology

: Aquila capital investment

investment amount: 10 million yuan

is engaged in children’s comprehensive quality education " Papi technology " Pre-A financing, capital investment by the eagle, the amount of tens of millions of rmb.


2 car through cloud

investors: first dollar fund

investment amount: $5 million

August 10th morning news, SaaS insurance loss evaluation system of "car cloud" today announced the completion of $5 million A round of financing. Hao Dingwen, chairman of the Austrian Science and technology, said the European Union, this round of financing has been completed in the near future, the current funds have all been credited, the investment side of the funds for the first line of the dollar fund, the specific management did not disclose further.


3 network entertainment master

investors: Shenzhen innovation investment group, Zhejiang gold controlled capital and other investment institutions

investment amount: 150 million yuan

recently announced the completion of the master network entertainment 150 million yuan A round of financing, the largest domestic venture capital institutions — "Shenzhen innovation investment group (hereinafter referred to as deep Venture Capital Holdings) joint Zhejiang joint investment and other investment institutions. After financing, the master will focus on the layout of the domestic network entertainment gaming market in southwest and in the coming three years China E-sports tournament organized carnival.


4 clear data

investors: share investment, Sequoia Capital China fund, Ren Zihang, Silicon Valley paradise joint participation in

investment amount: 200 million yuan

08, July 21, 2009, the message is clear that the data was announced in August 1, 2016 to complete the B round of 200 million yuan financing in. Round of investment by the sharing of investment, Sequoia Capital China fund, Ren Zihang (A shares of listed companies), A round investors to participate in Silicon Valley paradise.


5 high heels for 73 hours

investors: Rui real enterprise, Cheung peak investment

investment amount: 10 million yuan

"high 73 hours" recently completed the tens of millions of yuan of A round of financing, investors including the well-known Taiwan funded enterprises and real shoes company Temasek’s Cheung Fung investment. With 73 hours started in 2015, located in the Internet are light luxury brand shoes, founder Zhao Ruohong has more than and 10 years of experience in the media, fashion circles, is also a huge fan base with micro-blog Master.


600 million action extraordinary

investment Huace:

investment amount: 20 million yuan

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