Business analysis behind user experience design

each front-end products are user experience. But what is the user experience, the background of the design can not involve the user experience, because its main purpose is to meet the business needs. The front of the user experience is to retain users, while retaining the user’s purpose is to pay. The purpose of the payment is to tap the commercial value of the user. So there is a business logic behind each user experience. Today we will analyze the design of the business logic.


, the overall color settings

electricity supplier products, most of the use of red, such as Taobao, Jingdong. Because red represents passion and openness. Give people a strong desire to buy. So in the overall color design is based on the red color. The logic behind this is to promote the user’s desire to buy. And the other part, such as the temple library, D2C use of black, black represents noble. Give people a sense of nobility. The inside of the selling price is not cheap goods. So the logic behind the business is to give me the service is to high-end people, for that particular group of people to improve the positioning of the purchase of goods. Therefore, in the overall tone design, to choose the right color in line with the logic behind their products.

two, click the button to place

in the electricity supplier products, click on the purchase page in the details of the purchase button will be in the details of the page in the browser to be fixed on the top of the page (PC station in the top) or the bottom of the page (mobile terminal in the bottom). These settings are mostly about the habits of the user experience. The main point of view of the computer is on the right side, coupled with the browser’s operations are in the top, the user has a habit. So click on the shopping cart and put this button on the top is also in line with the operating habits. The mobile terminal button is below, in order to hand button to click, and click to buy and put into the shopping cart is convenient for users to click. All easy to click and easy to find the user settings are in order to meet the user’s business more efficient to complete the purchase order of the operation, giving the user a habit, rather than a sense of frustration.

three, purchase process login / registration

new products on the line just why try to let the user know you only after landing in the user experience is to allow users to browse more content, in order to establish the trust process. In fact, the psychological process of the user to buy, break the psychological barriers and the establishment of psychological trust is a process. The new product on the line, and you open the line next to the same store, it is necessary to know, understand, trust in a process in which. So the login / registration button is a process of trust. So let this layer of trust build, all login / registration will be post. In the business logic, but also in line with the user’s psychological expectations and habits. Only when the user has a certain understanding of you, will begin to use you, buy you. So let the user login / register unknown

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