China’s number of industry sites up to 21 thousand and 700 year on year increase of more than 30%

along with the electronic commerce competition intensifies, comprehensive site facing the homogenization of the bottleneck of sales at the same time, many domestic industry e-commerce sites with differentiated and precise positioning of the strategic layout of the market quickly. From 2002 to 2009, the number of domestic industry B2B e-commerce website industry sustained rapid growth, the number of sites from 2007 to more than 4500, 2008 increased to more than 5100, the growth rate of 13%, showing rapid growth momentum.

survey data show that in the first quarter of 2011, the number of e-commerce sites continued to grow rapidly, the number of industry sites in February successfully exceeded the 20 thousand mark. As of the end of 3, the number of e-commerce websites nationwide reached 2.17, an increase of 31.16% compared to the same period last year. This is slightly higher than the growth rate of the same period in 2010, while the number of sites in the growth of a professional, breakdown, the scale of the situation.

but at present, the construction of the website and business are basically concentrated in the Internet Co, traditional enterprises due to technical bottlenecks and operating experience of a brand promotion and other factors is difficult to enter the Internet threshold, caused by the Internet in the field of professional and business is by a group of Internet people do not understand the industry in the operation, it is difficult to enhance the professional network industry the quality and sources of information, the actual value of the site can not be achieved.

in order to make traditional enterprises have a better experience in the process of electronic commerce, to truly enjoy the benefits of e-commerce and fun, the first occasion Tongbao franchise mode, and understand the industry through in-depth communication and cooperation, for the traditional enterprise e-commerce service of tailored industry website. The site is open Internet business platform, focusing on the characteristics of subdivision industry users, pay attention to industry professionals to participate, so the site to site from the planning, pay attention to the diversity and particularity of the user needs of the industry, in the operation also understand the industry franchisee to take advantage of the pooling of resources in the industry professional data within the industry for website content.

said, "with an open attitude to their share in the Internet industry technical and operational advantage, cooperate with the experience and resources of the professionals in the industry, and meet the needs of industry users industry website." With the continuous growth of the industry Web site, it is necessary to expand the field of e-commerce has become an unavoidable topic, it is also the strength and achievements in the field of e-commerce is gradually emerging.

industry experts believe that China’s e-commerce market there is a lot of room for development, and the space lies in refinement, focus. In the process of rapid development of e-commerce, those closer to the needs of the industry, has a wealth of buyers resources, and innovative model of the site will eventually win the recognition of the market, a great success.

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