Who won the Three Musketeers 2015 liquor business performance PK

with the new board listed in Sichuan one Jiu Jiu (1919) 2015 annual report released yesterday, "the Three Musketeers" — liquor electricity supplier brewmaster network, the wine network and 1919 for the first time "with" competition performance.


data, brewmaster network and the 1919 between the fight is growth. Brewmaster network listed in October 2015 of the National SME share transfer system, the Department of the first annual report after the listing in 2015, achieved operating income of 2 billion 192 million yuan brewmaster network, an increase of 38.93%; net profit attributable to shareholders increased by 12.62%, but still a loss of 251 million yuan.


compared to 1919 earnings growth is more gratifying: 2015, the company achieved operating income of 1 billion 196 million yuan, an increase of 95.89%; net profit of $12 million 89 thousand and 700, an increase of 117.40%.

can achieve nearly 2 billion 200 million of revenue brewmaster network scale in the dominant, 1919 implementation of more than 12 million yuan profit showed strong profitability. However, the 1919 2016 sales target of 10 billion, will be applied to the brewmaster network no small competition.

in the wine network because of its 90.55% equity acquisition of green barley wine, the purchase date is June 30, 2015, the green barley wine results show only the wine network in the second half of 2015 the main financial indicators: the second half of 2015, the wine net operating income 83 million 195 thousand and 600 yuan, net profit of 41 million 629 thousand and 600 yuan loss. So, the wine network in the acquisition of the year failed to give the green barley wine profit contribution.

from the channel classification, brewmaster network and the 1919 battlefield is obviously different. Brewmaster network said, in 2015 earnings, the company has accumulated many years of integration of online and offline resources, focus on promoting the B2B business, B2B (online wholesale business) income rose from 116 million yuan in 2014 to 632 million yuan in 2015, a growth rate of 445.71%, which has become the main reason brewmaster 2015 net revenue growth of 38.93%.

access to 1919 of the breakdown of the business is found in 2015, the 1919 stores B2C (online retail) sales revenue of $960 million, an increase of 74.9%. Obviously, the 1919 main online retail.

in the earnings report, brewmaster network and 1919 are invariably referred to the "change" income structure, only the changes to the two companies seems not the same result.

to B2B business based brewmaster network said, changes in the income structure of the company’s consolidated gross margin decline, mainly due to technical service revenue accounted for decreased from 14.58% in 2014 to 6.31% in 2015, while the technical services gross margin is far greater than.

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