Do not let the nternet marketing bubble cover eyes marketing does not need to change the eye

overbearing President Yu Jiawen took one hundred million employees to play ", finally turning point, since the beginning of the face. Yu Jiawen once said, is going to open a recognized counseling, even if I really finished one hundred million may not intend to take this money to employees, and play is to recognize counseling.


a cheeky IT like nature itself, What one says is plausible. circle.


media, a netizen opinion, more than a good thorough recognize counseling: not only admit that they are ignorant, outspoken, even the value of what has been that he was wrong, finally to give employees a 10% stake to start with a clean slate "".

then, I’m still on fire.

earlier, with the recent Fengjie lotus, 100 yuan brother, the principle of consistent fire up, then with an anti three people, Speechless, but What one says is plausible. remarks. The fire for a period of time, will take the lotus with a graceful transition, the cause of their own.

can give people a talk about the conversation: This is one of the many factors of success in marketing

a good company depends on not only a good product, but also a good marketing, which has almost become the consensus of entrepreneurs. Giving people a voice to talk about, or a fascinating attractions, or just a shocking gimmick, anyway as long as can attract the attention of the user, it is the first step of successful marketing.

in the early years, there is a huge cake, a huge sandwich made successful marketing to attract users, perhaps, they are delicious, but one of the "world’s largest" to the foot of the user’s attention, then led to the reputation……

these successful eyeball marketing to attract attention for decoration, product quality as the inner guarantee, like a raging fire perform a successful marketing mode, some quick success of the entrepreneurial team played the eyeball, but ignored the product, because the age of the Internet as long as the former no limit can be done at any time, the latter is difficult overnight.

Internet gives people a more equal display platform we are not willing to mediocrity

mediocre company introduced mediocre products, selling mediocre advertising, sooner or later, "mediocre" to disappear in the market, since then no figure.

Internet to "mediocre" have a more equal opportunities for the display platform, so do a "mediocre" workers unwilling people, whatever their predecessors for entrepreneurship soup, a team can be burst day entrepreneurs, if there is doubt. "Entrepreneurs" are still What one says is plausible.: you see people Ma Yun, originally what are not, not also successfully created Taobao, Tmall


so, every day, every kind of entrepreneurs in nursing his products and projects.

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