Several ways to make you how to reduce duplication of content

today I tell you how to reduce the content of the site is not the repetition of the authority is not only some of the technical content of their own learning

1, independent Title

Many novice

do not know the title of the benefits, often ignore the importance of his, in fact, the title is an important part of SEO, so as far as possible for each page write the title of the independent, my title is off to search guest to search free resources…, especially some product page column page, not easily the waste land. A good title is not only a good guide for the search engine, but also for the visitors.

2, meta tags (description, keywords)

regardless of whether or not to affect the rankings, write a good description of the spider to determine the impact of copying a great impact, but also a good attraction for visitors, is the title of the supplement. Of course, the key word is a focus on the description of the content. As for how to achieve independent meta tag, this should be based on your specific use of the site program, many programs (especially CMS) may not achieve the manual configuration of each description tag, but slightly modified, can make the title to be described, and of course this is not to have the choice, at least than that of all "share the same description, keywords version more


3, modify the contents of the article

If you

the article is not original, but you’d better do change, for example, to add their own comments, or taken as a reference text. As far as possible to make the article and the original distinction, hey hey believe we will.

4, modify CSS

many friends may have had the whole station or some others download page to download experience, directly into their own space, or do a little adjustment, such as what change the title, but ignore the CSS style sheet, this "to a large extent can easily be sentenced to copy the contents of course here we do not encourage you to do so, just this point to explain the problem.

5, emphasizing the unique content of

if there is something unique you all, then may wish to use "bold" and "underline" "H tag" to strengthen it, tell the search engines these are special, no other place in common.

6, reduce multiple URL

you may be able to achieve dynamic procedures can also be static, or before the static is now becoming dynamic and so on, there is a web page with multiple URL. The two refers to the same page, but it is the search engine with different URL grab, in this case we try to use a URL format.

7, reduce invalid link

for some reason, we redesigned the web site structure and URL format, but ignored some of the old content of the cleaning work, resulting in the same search engine

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