Do a good job of page quality keep the site rankings

do enterprise station SEO most afraid to see is to go to one night without a trace, no sign of ranking disappear is the most headache thing, because the next to do the data analysis will be very troublesome. So how can we keep the rankings? The most important thing is to do a good job of web page quality, access to a high degree of trust in the search engine.

a lot of friends believe that the decline in the ranking is the right to drop the impact of the slow update of the snapshot, the content of the degree of identification may affect the site ranking. Here the author Dennis said, Baidu weight is the webmaster tools comprehensive data reference, although not recognized by Baidu, but still reflects the comprehensive quality of the current site. For different industries, in fact, the search engine for the quality of the site’s evaluation criteria are also different, we want to ensure that the site is to enhance the quality of the site page. Of course, the premise is your site ranking has entered the effective search range.

return to the topic, for the decline of the situation, actually a lot of people are wrong ideas. If overnight your home page ranking is 100 to the sandbox, you can say the website ranking dropped serious drop right; however, if only the home page ranking fell to the second page, but still in the top twenty in the rankings, can only be called floating.

ranking decline is the most intuitive web site where the new line in the early optimization. Such sites are often relatively low weight, the content of the quality of the high degree of recognition of the article, the search engine for its trust is also very low, once the edge of the operating problems, will soon be left behind in a hundred. But if such sites do the preliminary basis of optimizing the scarcity of resources, more content, so want to stable in the home is not Arabian Nights.

ranking floating is actually a very normal phenomenon, and sometimes the server is not stable or the site does not maintain normal will cause a temporary ranking floating phenomenon. When you find the site keywords ranking ranking floating, to do is to extract data from the site according to the floating reasons, determine their own content, is the main reason in the website optimization techniques or simply because the server is not stable. The most direct is to view the site included, if the general trend of the show has continued to decline, then it is obviously the quality of your website content. At the same time, we can look at the recent Baidu index value of the amount of content included, if there is no change or even degradation, which is the key reason for ranking floating.

we know that the quality of the web site is included to add points to the site, if your page content quality is poor, and even the emergence of a dead link, then the ranking is reasonable in the floating. As the site of SEOer you have to do is check out the website website data, dead links and a large number of duplicate content, increase the scarcity of high quality content, well within the station link guide.

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