To the webmaster some let you unexpected data

Some time ago, do traffic statistics 50bang suddenly released two copies of search engine and user operating system share the report, I do not know why they suddenly interested in this, but through these data, but let me suddenly flashes, found some flat little attention to things!

each do the webmaster, will see some fixed site every day, to understand the current trend of the Internet hot spots, so that their website content, as soon as possible to keep up with the trend, do not let their competitors to seize the initiative. So, I would like to ask you webmaster, every day you see are some of the web site? Estimates will include DoNews, such as the industry information platform, such as im286 webmaster forum bar. Where every day is hot every day, contention of a hundred schools of thought, nature is a good place to contact the trend. However, sometimes the contention of a hundred schools of thought is not necessarily a good thing, especially for starting station, every question thrown out, people always say a wave of people, that is not good… I don’t know who to listen to! And there is something in the above discussion, most of the webmaster know, or to follow the trend to squeeze, depressed… In fact, those who can be crazy in all the comments of the webmaster, nothing more than the introduction of some early, more things to understand, so many things have their own views, opinions. But other people’s good things, not as good as their own benefits. How can I also have a clear judgment on the situation of the Internet, some of their own unique insights? In fact, it is not difficult, in addition to the same as other people every day to see some of the site, there is a more important aspect, that is to find data! This is relatively easy to overlook the point, but also a lot of people do not want to do lazy!

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