on the target ads to stop the application of the instructions

on the target ad temporarily stop the application of
    in order to expand the target advertising applications, to provide users with more rapid service, the Union began this week to upgrade server and bandwidth devices. During the upgrade to suspend the application of the target advertising alliance, the specific time to open the application to pay attention to the union notice. Inconvenience to you, please understand.

if you have any questions, please contact customer service QQ:331362639 or submit "online Q & a management". We will be happy to answer your questions! read more

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A large collection of foreign advertising resources

Weblogs, Inc. – Apply to blog for one of their ninety plus blogs or submit your own topic idea.    They will pay; you per post that you write and you must meet their minimum post requirements.3 D8 F (K2 G7 @6 c- r+

PayPerPost – Get paid much $500 or a writing articles reviews of their sponsors on your as blog.

and more as month

Blogsvertise – Their advertisers you mention and about their websites, products and in your own blog. services

pay talk to

Review Me – After blog has accepted their network pay, they will you $20 $200 per post that you write.
read more

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Wangzhuan novice how to achieve from 0 to 1

first of all, I am a novice, Wangzhuan also is the time for several months, but I harvest this month is very large, from what they do now has its own website, and the site has been profitable. After their hard work has finally been achieved from 0 to 1. Here I have to share my experience (novice veteran across, seriously look at


there are many ways to make money online, but most are not what we want to do, like to help others post ah, ah, ah, etc.. I think this project is not to earn money from 0 to 1. To help people make an afternoon post earned 5 yuan, this is not good. We want to have their own website, we want to make our own website profit. The following specific operations. read more

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Yu Yongfu Entrepreneurship need help

near the end of the year, participated in a number of entrepreneurial theme activities, stimulate me to find a new business for the key words: help!

this "help" word has two meanings. The first is to help the Gang: entrepreneurs who want to fight. There must be a business, build the team is the foundation, bovver is the core group team, there are three points: like-minded, share success and complementary ability.

is the biggest fortune venture team minded, capable people can not work, can work with people must be like-minded, like drawn to like. The business of the road there will be all kinds of difficulties, business direction can be adjusted, no money can melt money, but if your entrepreneurial team broke up, you start to fail completely. For the past seven years, I have thought myself a lucky person, because I get along well with Partner. read more

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Did you sign up for mom’s account DANGER!

      click Register Ali mother, sell your site ad > > http://s.www.alimama.com

Ali’s mother recently used its marriage with Ali’s father in the text, a big fire, but hidden behind a huge security risks

for the regular access to the Internet, we will basically use the same ID account and password, and now we look at the following figure

and Alipay and Taobao registered project almost

I want to register this website friends, is likely to use your Alipay account password read more

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Micro blog outlook three worry heat fade of unknown regulatory tightening profit

After two years of the outbreak of

, ordinary micro-blog users have a lot of information and gossip produced boredom. The view that, including Sina, micro-blog, including the major micro-blog must find a healthy growth model of spontaneous.

at the same time, Sina, Tencent and Sohu, such as micro-blog are not commercial operations, is still in a period of continuous investment.

heat worry: 15 million fans as fans

150 thousand

"Jocie Guo" and "Wang Gongquan eloped", "Jobs’s death" and other news were once again detonated Sina micro-blog. But now the ordinary micro-blog users gradually to the complex information and gossip produced boredom. read more

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PPTV founder of Zhuo Tao Chuang oral entrepreneurs dilemma and counter attack of the road continue

Tao Chuang is an Internet venture veteran, was born in Shanghai, Wuhan, has 15 years of overseas life experience. In 2009, he returned to China and founded PPTV. Now, he has founded the capital. Whether it is from his childhood to now constantly changing the place of life, constantly have to cross the border, or now the cause of continuous exploration of different areas, and constantly try new directions. The veteran’s life experience is full of cross-border thinking. In today’s era of popular Internet thinking, the cross-border thinking to play the ultimate veterans, is how to face the dilemma of entrepreneurship on the way, is how to look at the need for the transformation of traditional enterprise internet. The following is the Tao Chuang by entrepreneurs in the media together to develop new materials science and technology Ningbo City Investment Co. Ltd., Shanghai new material investment and financing strategic alliance to build the Chrysler cup horse race global new material industry final oral finishing. read more

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Third ways of online advertising

      the domestic Internet industry ten years of ups and downs, Internet advertising has been around, because the Internet has innate media properties, also establishes the network advertisement in network economic profit model to explore the core status in the course of the. From Sina, Sohu and other traditional portal brand advertising network, to small and medium-sized enterprises such as Baidu and Google search engine keyword PPC advertising, Internet advertising has been a paradox, namely the brand advertising and the small and medium-sized enterprises cannot keyword PPC advertising can not achieve full communion, on the same stage. read more

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Angel investor Wang Xiao entrepreneurship is of no return good luck is out of practice

angel investor Wang Xiao

I do more than two years of investment, a profound understanding of the hardships of Chinese entrepreneurship, but also to see China’s entrepreneurial environment has become better."

this is the opening of the famous angel investor Wang Xiao recently in Beijing 3W coffee impromptu speech. In the QQ Internet Longmen third event, Wang Xiao believes that the three – people, money and environmental dimensions of entrepreneurial environment are improving, especially to provide the opportunity to host giant competition for entrepreneurs to seize, can quickly become bigger and stronger. read more

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Li Zhen your new growth must go through the process

              now the rapid development of the Internet, e-commerce is growing at an alarming rate, more and more people began to focus on the internet. 2011 is not the era of huge profits, which belongs to the era of huge profits the Wangzhuan is outdated, but there are still many projects must go through new wangzhuan.

              the most common way to make money online

              method of making money online too much, but the most common is still a few years ago the popular code hook, questionnaire, registration and so on temptation. On the Wangzhuan profiteering era, these projects have let people earn 500, earning one thousand, even earn over a million. With the continuous improvement of the Internet, some projects began to fade, and even die. read more

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