Marketing is to promote the product n fact the technology can also improve the product marketing

has a friend to talk to me with the promotion, first said a pile of the need for the main theme of soft Wen, the last sentence: "I do not value this. Plainly, there is a lack of technology or technology, if doing great, do not need what soft packing."

today millet is in open conference, circle of friends has been discussed to buy millet smart scales, millet patchboard, concerned about the millet weight "is because the weight is always cannot avoid the concerns of women, while millet chaxianban are concerned it is because the small and light, there are three USB another function inserted line port. read more

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The three generation of Entrepreneurs 40 after 60 after 80 hard known retreat with interest

Abstract: 40 after the wolf entrepreneurship, after the richest of the 60, after 80 consecutive business, the different times of the three, the different life of the entrepreneurs of the three, do not know which generation of entrepreneurs more fortunate.

is the three generation of the new year, often even four generations. Often encounter such a party, if slightly stripped out of their own, you can see everyone in their own era of confusion, in their own way, to understand others, try to let others understand themselves, to adapt to the times, also hope to be treated kindly times. read more

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22 million 840 thousand nternet users in the stock market individual owners can divide a few cups

22 million 840 thousand Internet stocks, personal webmaster how many individuals have?

if this figure is accurate, then there are 22 million 842 thousand Internet users have been on the Internet stocks or access to information. The current number of shares has reached 94 million, but some analysts said that the actual investors may be less than $50 million. In other words, about half of the investors have been online stocks. read more

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Lu Xiaodong talk about my understanding of the use of QQ promotion

QQ this tool, for many years in the Internet. Webmaster friends, should not be unfamiliar, which may be many people or the QQ brand growth witness. In my personal understanding to the Tencent, QQ, and most of the 5 shorter QQ number in addition to the Tencent team early members, in addition to Tencent operations team early internal members, the majority concentrated in the early contact with the Internet, in this circle of people should still hidden in some of the best QQ. This can be confirmed by several webmaster friends QQ numbers. read more

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Thanksgiving brand marketing 5 routines is not just say thank you

pain point copy stamp, eye-catching posters, the brand with the smart node blend, so as to achieve the purpose of communication. This is probably the main reason for each advertiser to keep up with the hot spots do not relax. So the question is, in this shy to say thank you to the intimate partner’s Thanksgiving, brand in the end how to succeed out of the occasion, dry feelings circle, creative, interesting, and moved into the brand


this year after the major brand " ", summed up the poster thanksgiving; Thanksgiving " " marketing; five strokes, hoping for your solution as pressing danger. read more

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Blog marketing experience sharing talk about blog marketing can bring you what

blog marketing is an old concept, but I believe there are still a lot of people confused on the blog marketing, especially the confusion on the blog marketing what bring for the enterprise or the website, today I talk to, I think the blog marketing, blog marketing can bring what.

blog can gather a group of users with common interests

I began to write a personal blog from the 09 year, it may be unintentional, because Taobao is off a lot of the brothers and sisters know, at that time, my blog is my only outside the window, but also because of this, my blog has a large number of subscribe to my original article, Taobao guest users, this is a group and I have common aspirations, to strive together to network poineering dream friend, if not my personal blog, I think these users may only know Dai Renguang, but I do not know what Dai Renguang, through this blog to share my personal experience of those who do not mature, we can discuss in the course of time. Come to my blog, read new articles, and blogs have feelings, blog is different from other sites, behind the blog is a live blogger blog Through the reading of the article, you can learn a lot of ideas from the side of the blogger, you can also understand how the blogger is a kind of person. I think this is the most important. read more

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See the network promotion and the creation of the road from VANCL

in recent years, network marketing fast, some enterprises use the network propaganda website, potential, successfully carried out its own promotion, and establish a brand, enhance the sales. Even in the past can not see the Internet marketing industry giants, also began to promote the network as an important job. The famous clothing VANCL B2C e-commerce website website from the unknown to the public to unlimited scenery, its powerful and professional network promotion work can not be. The network marketing is a driving force to VANCL’s soft Wen promotion as an example, the paper analyzes the professional soft Wen promotion practices, and the creation of soft type, creative techniques are summarized. read more

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WeChat is really used to do marketing it Beg to differ

mobile Internet is the real Internet, and WeChat is the representative of the mobile Internet, mobile Internet products are also the largest user of the product. So WeChat marketing has burgeoned, see some WeChat marketing articles often earning Jiwanji, of course I do not deny that WeChat marketing can make money, but I think WeChat’s biggest role is not to do marketing, also not suitable for the promotion of marketing, marketing is just one of its small functions.

why I would say that WeChat is not suitable for promotion, preferred to see its features, if WeChat is not conducive to personal communication, because it is a closed system, a stranger is invisible. Simply can not spread, the public number of the situation will be better, but if you look at the spread of words, far less than micro-blog, even QQ space is not as good as. If you want to do with other methods to promote, other methods to promote more than WeChat. read more

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You should learn micro blog marketing

let us look back at the Chinese market, it is not difficult to see the shining star – micro-blog marketing!

gradually, three years micro-blog also seems to fade out of people’s vision, replaced by something, but it is undeniable that time micro-blog marketing benefits the very influential, so many companies have started to carry out the size of this type of marketing. Problems will appear, there will always be successful, some people lost.

let’s take a look at the four characteristics of the so-called micro-blog marketing: read more

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The most important thing is how to make the most of the marketing the most important is the executi

recently had a start-up company called Pressfarm was founded, they promise to provide media reporters personal information, including name, email, and Twitter account, so that entrepreneurs can find journalists to report on their company, help the company to stand out in the industry.

yes, this is a business model, but it has a major problem, that is, in the industry, the most difficult is to report to your start-up company, rather than get the contact information of the reporter. In fact, in the business circles of mixed news reporters will leave their own Twitter personal information in the email. And even if there are some hidden deep reporter information, in fact, can also be found out through Google, or a better way, you can introduce their own connections. read more

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