Don’t be a breast hyperplasia mommy health network

small B suffering from breast hyperplasia has been 4 years, during the time to eat a variety of drugs, but also to do the surgery, but the situation is still not improved. Where do the surgery and had a long. Little B has been married for 1 years and is now ready to get pregnant. She wants to know what’s going on right now. Is it suitable for pregnancy?

breast hyperplasia occurs in 25 ~ 45 years old woman, this is also the female reproductive period, so the breast hyperplasia can be pregnant?. The problem is divided into two parts: read more

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Breast cancer can be inherited What are the most susceptible to breast cancer ‘s health n

breast not only 2

and delayed menopause had more chance of developing breast cancer due to the long duration of estrogen receptor in breast tissue. Generally refers to the menstrual cramps and menopause before the age of 12, more than 55 year old female.

although not all breast diseases will develop into breast cancer, but compared to those who do not have breast disease, the prevalence of breast disease is much higher. So women as long as the discovery of breast disease, to timely treatment, so as not to aggravate the condition. read more

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A woman will eat four menstrual blood recipes female health network

Non-woven bag wrapped with




4 medlar wash, water bubble hair for 10 minutes;


2 disposable casserole add water, add onion ginger into dove,

2, porridge, put a few dry red dates, it is very sweet.

four, fungus fried rape

1 dove water soak for 10 minutes, rinse with live water;

, Siwu Decoction

1, benefits for women, blood and beauty, it made the first.

Stewed pigeon,


1 steamer add sufficient water to wash into the steamer, purple jujube;

nutrition read more

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Mimi pain The first clear reason breast pain health

general adolescent breast pain occurs in 9-13 years old, when the growth rate is too fast, it will occur milk pain. But this phenomenon is not sick, after menarche will disappear.

4, postpartum milk pain

data show that more than half of women would appear in breast pain before menstruation, cramps will disappear. This is mainly because of the high level of estrogen in the body, causing breast hyperplasia, breast tissue edema. If it is not necessary to handle natural mild pain; if breast pain affect daily life, slightly moving pain, you can eat a little relief medication, and usually pay attention to light diet, avoid eating spicy food. read more

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The beauty of the eyes of the breast a full aroma of health female tipsy

Chinese literati in numerous literary works, left on the women’s whole body description. The ancient literati in the eyes of female breast, with an abstract meaning, but it still can be summed up their requirements on the women’s breast beauty mainly has: a plump, stout; two, white three, pleasant aroma; tipsy; four, five smooth and uniform elastic texture.

Chinese in ancient times has an innate taste for fat, and the Chinese on the whole body in great beauty, there is a direct relationship between. For example, the "Book of Songs" in the Po Ze? Wrote: "there is a beauty, and large volume……. There is a beauty, huge and majestic." "Chu Ci" in the "ultimate" discourse and such words to describe beauty: "Feng bone meat", "Ceng Jiayi", bone is small and thin, but a lot of meat, resulting in the emergence of a double chin; naturally, plump beauty is full of chest fat undoubtedly. To the Tang Dynasty, the grand "Datang meteorology" to guide all beauty, but also to plump for the United states. Tang Xuanzong’s Princess Yang Yuhuan is typical of the fat beauty, also known as one of the China "Four Beauties", "thin" said. The beauty of the Tang Dynasty is not only the body fat, the chest is also very plump, and women also like to wear low collar clothes, in order to reveal the fullness of the chest. Of course, the ancient China did not always advocate plump plump body, such as the Eastern Jin Dynasty time Gu painting "picture of Lady officials" in recognition of the female "thin bone Ching as" the image is embodied in the northern and Southern Dynasties; however, the beauty of the chest look > by painting read more

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Pretty woman breast protection female health network

three, posture to correct

breast is one of the most vulnerable parts of the body of a woman, to protect the health of the breast, do a confident charm of the woman, should do the following:

women wear tight underwear over 18 hours, will affect the detoxification function of axillary lymph nodes, and too much lace bra bra wearing nylon material may also lead to dysfunction.

to protect the breasts do pretty woman

skin relaxation is also closely related to women’s aging, massage can relieve the tension of the breast, so that the breast is more plump, and effectively avoid skin relaxation. Massage can also prevent and cure breast hyperplasia and breast benign tumor and breast cancer, but also to prevent breast duct blockage, and the development of a very good help. read more

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