GoogleAdsense common skills summary

Google AdSense is one of the main sources of revenue, here are some of the commonly used tips, hope that through these tips to increase our Google AdSense revenue, and to prevent their account is deleted.

ad click tracking software

this I think is the most important, the installation of an ad click tracking software, which is used to track the IP address from which users click on the ads which, provide good results for future data analysis. At the same time for malicious clicks IP can also be tracked in order to report to the Google in a timely manner. read more

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Magic box important announcement the first week of the end of the week settlement started today

      magic box advertising platform ( The first week of the settlement week begins from now on, please income over 100 yuan of main website friends, filled their bank related to speed information and contact phone number, for the convenience of our staff and contact you.

      note: Please site owners in the first settlement period, as soon as possible to copy a copy of their ID card to our advertising platform, the format is as follows:

      TO: magic box advertising platform read more

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Business model of shareware

Sharing software in China, has not found a good business model, try and buy mode, is seriously constrained by the rampant piracy, crack. Once the domestic shareware, will gain hope in the development of English version of software, but the real money, and will develop as a means of sharing software, only a few software and a few authors. So after the rise of rogue software, shareware seems to suddenly find a business model.

rogue software hazards in China, far more than the computer virus, it should be said that sharing software". It is said that in the domestic software download traffic, bundled with the rogue software sharing software downloads accounted for more than 80%, as long as the user from the site to download and install the software, almost hard not to move. The so-called forced installation of rogue software, the real use of loopholes in the IE system is less and less, mainly through the sharing of software secretly installed, shared software has basically become the main channel for the spread of rogue software. read more

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Most people who sell things online an interview with Guo Hongchi CEO soit

This is a story of a man in Zhongguancun, which permeates his understanding of China’s e-commerce, as well as his business philosophy and business strategy.

was named " 2004 Chinese e-commerce ", is perhaps the influential man; Guo Hongchi had not thought.

"IT" when the Time with the now influential man in close contact, encouraging Guo Hongchi to his personal experience to tell more entrepreneurs, the necessary conditions for successful entrepreneurship is not much. China webmaster first portal

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90 students dropping out of school to join the nternet geek incorporated into Forbes list

review: "Forbes" judges, Wang Huai (to view the founding investment partner, former Facebook manager) to Gao Yang’s comments: SegmentFault and China need such a heart to the young people community management. They are also the geek, geek culture preacher. The spread of the geek culture, will have a great role in promoting the Chinese Internet circle.

"understand" the word, and I Gaoyang chat, there is N+1 time.

for every word I say, he will use "understand" to respond and confirm. Just like in the programming process, the end of each instruction to hit the "enter" key as simple. read more

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Two Wangzhuan cases to see if we can enlighten you

is the beginner friends always ask: Wangzhuan Wangzhuan can make money? How to do Wangzhuan can? How much? I can tell you, Wangzhuan can make money, as for how much that your ability to see it! Some people earn points, some people earn a few blocks also, some people earn hundreds of thousands, tens of thousands, even more, can become a millionaire! So as to do Wangzhuan thing, then do, what ability with what Wangzhuan ability, there is no shortcut, only to find out her own, but in Wangzhuan in an eternal law: stick to only insist that you can succeed! May read more

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Change your idea of Wangzhuan have a way out

Wangzhuan ideas, can be said to be on the network to make money in the process of a kind of thought, method, experience, skills, or a direction. Different people will have a money making ideas can’t all be the same, but the idea of Wangzhuan decision you can really make money, we can not always stay in a certain way, should change when it should seize the opportunity to change your idea of Wangzhuan have a way out, the importance of the author experience about change ideas.


, just beginning to come into contact with the word or click Wangzhuan, from the start of the project, it is 08 in the first half of this year, the university has not graduated, another chance to see on the network to make money in the online information, and then added with a curious click Wangzhuan project. At the time of the PTC station a lot, the strength of the operation after a period of time, it can earn some money, which is very exciting, after all, the first time from making money online, although very small, but gave me great encouragement as a newcomer. read more

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Teach you quickly enter the Taobao top 10 cheats

is alive every day by yourself or other things which we brainwashing brainwashing, the most serious is the traditional education that most people will only blindly follow the trend, to live ", no self, do not have their own unique thinking and personality! This is a very terrible thing, suggesting that the traditional education of our the idea is mostly wrong!


past marketing concepts are: looking for products, management products, selling products.

and the right marketing concept is: to find customers, manage users, selling fans. read more

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The next breakthrough in the development of advertising alliance


website alliance since 2002 has gone through five years, such as search alliance, city network alliance, advertising alliance, industry alliance and many other alliance group, alliance business has diversified development, mature.

no matter what form of alliance, the alliance group must be a community of interests, of which the most representative is the advertising alliance. Most of the domestic advertising alliance plays the role of advertising agency, from the upstream "wholesale" advertising, to the downstream to find advertising channels. However, with the consolidation of the SP industry, the emergence of the upper and lower reaches of the advertising alliance and other issues, advertising alliance into a new stage of exploration. read more

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WeHeartt 20 million monthly visitors will be the next Pinterest

dating back to before the birth of Pinterest in 2007, a company called "WeHeartIt" of the Brazil company is rising across Silicon Valley; WeHeartIt is a photo sharing and storage service company.

WeHeartIt founded by Fabio Giolito, which only belongs to the line products". The Fabio will let him happy picture "Hearting" (Note: the term Pinterest collection for "Pinning"), and convert them into pictures set into the online tool; it is from then on, began to attract attention to the sequential. Today, WeHeartIt has 20 million monthly visitors per month, while the average monthly registered users reached 1 million. read more

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Money to pay through the advertising platform major initiatives the package of small and medium qua

recently according to sources that, according to the majority of small and medium-sized site owners advertising idle, advertising situation difficult to sell, caifutong advertising platform ( launched ad rotation function. Analysts believe that this is aimed at the current small and medium site advertising transaction downturn launched a major move to break the rules of the industry.

it is understood that the carousel function refers to the main site to join the carousel, in advertising unsold cases, caifutong will take the initiative to buy, the advertising is no longer idle, sustained and stable profit, at the expense of caifutong advertising spending platform. Each advertising size can join the carousel advertising. Launch advertisement carousel, will break the current advertisement sale pattern, no longer let owners in unsold advertising before wasted. read more

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Xu Zhaojun and pops jump from time to time passive debris

pops ten months, announced that users reached 20 million. At the same time, as the founder and CEO of Xu Zhaojun discloses three strategic pops: force audio, enhanced UGC and PGC long (specializing in the production of content) model, test the native advertising.


technology report, Xu Zhaojun on the idea of value to the user as, from the use of fragments of time to use passive time.

said, "passive time" this concept is he out in meditation in the process of thinking. The so-called passive time, mainly refers to the user on the way to work, dating, and others are not so broken, but also more passive time. Before pops want to compete in the mobile end user fragments of time, in the sense that this area has the Red Sea, Xu Zhaojun had an epiphany." read more

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The world wide network alliance to help you joke

in the information era, the popularity of the Internet has become a key channel for people to obtain information, consumption, share, exchange and tools, the audience demand level, enhance the level of demand and the diversification of the content of the website is impermanent, the relevant policies and sources are facing many problems, many sites are also seeking effective solutions. Jiu guest alliance as a new media content alliance marketing strategy into the market, the more is to deal with the challenge of the market, and by the wider and deeper attention. read more

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The sea venture company model purchased the mainstream of domestic competition

lead: the size of 70 billion yuan of overseas purchasing market, the temptation to Alibaba, Jingdong, SF and other "high rich handsome" opened overseas purchase channel. In addition, there are a number of passionate and beautiful vision entrepreneurs have joined the sea Amoy entrepreneurial army to come.

Carnival Carnival 6.18 Shopping Festival on the eve of the industry once again came layout sea Amoy business, has thousands of tickets on the purchase of goods, but official denied. And then projected forward a few months, has been in December 2013, the company had by CEO June personally led the sea Amoy business stop. From’s overseas purchasing channel online to decisively announced the suspension, only three and a half months in the middle. read more

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TV and nternet advertising phone again

  previously, a 30 second television ad was considered the most effective and the most expensive form of advertising. But now, in front of the media network, this view has no a place to live in, according to the latest release of Google and Yahoo in the first quarter earnings report, online advertising has achieved great progress. Google recently released a quarter operating income was $1 billion 300 million, an increase of 93%, net profit of $369 million; Yahoo revenues in the first quarter of $1 billion 200 million, an increase of 55%, net profit more than doubled to $205 million.
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Music Alliance for the newly registered members to provide 20 yuan red envelopes

dear affiliate member:


thank you for registering as music alliance, as long as you are a new registered members of the music network alliance, we will give your account recharge 20 yuan.

Music Alliance in good faith, the pursuit of win-win concept, for the majority of members to provide accurate, good results, high income product marketing platform.

LETV alliance with the authority of a number of advertisers and mobile Unicom exclusive cooperation, through the efficient operation and service company alliance marketing team to achieve rapid spanning alliance effect, LETV alliance is the ideal choice for you! read more

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Do Wangzhuan owners can earn money

we all know that the recent national sensation caused by the host of the national investigation, suffering on the suffering of our personal webmaster. We all know Wangzhuan cannot do without the website, and the website can not earn money is most concerned about. Here’s what I think.

and now most of the host in the domestic letter of status, website to do our Wangzhuan how most people now choose is to choose the foreign host, while foreign hosts do a lot more expensive than the domestic, especially after this incident, the foreign host is the price soaring. A foreign host are more than 400 yuan. If you are illegal if the key words of the station also need to buy independent IP foreign host, the price of at least 600 yuan. But also can not be sure that your host security, foreign hosts, like the IP have been threatened at any time, I really do not know where to go personal website. read more

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Telecom operators should straighten the website

      in the near future, I have been asked by my friends to do a report on the operation of local operators in e-commerce. Through on-the-spot investigation, the author found that the two leading local mobile operators and telecommunications have opened the store on the net section, but in terms of the development of the number of members or all operators and the wide audience is not consistent from the transaction popularity, from the online store in the home position, seems to have not been a great deal of attention, nor on the business to do extensive advertising. read more

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College students are faced with bottleneck network cost low profit high

One day

2009, now with 80, 90 young people, a group of a group, gradually began to face the society, back at the age of 8.9, his teacher always reads "you are the flowers of the motherland ah, you are the sun at 8.9, now think about it, the original pure true, original clear, has gone, today in 2008, I have been the end of the third year college last semester, began to rely on their own to find their way out of college, was not what to read a book, do phone sales, project implementation and so on a series of P small child thing, but also learn some knowledge of read more

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