The web is the only way which must be passed Shanghai Longfeng for beginners

fourth, on the relationship between station and Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon cannot do without a station, built the site without Shanghai dragon is not, can say the establishment and optimization of the website of Shanghai dragon is about.

third, Shanghai Longfeng elementary knowledge there are basic contents in the building of practice for learning. The establishment of the basic knowledge to learn to understand, if combined with open source, for it is enough. Because it can achieve the optimization for the station. read more

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Want to do website user experience starting from the five points

search engine update algorithm has increased the importance of user experience, user experience has become a key slowly search engine optimization, so we often say that the user experience how should do!? we go to visit a website will be able to appreciate this point, so as a webmaster, we need to learn empathy so, good user experience is not a difficult task. Good user experience can effectively meet the search engine optimization, but also can keep the user, to the site to bring more traffic, good user experience we should start from the following five points: read more

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Ecshop special optimization 5 skills to share

5. we note the following article. Can also be inside these folding panels added to these articles inside this page Keywords: for example, 2012 new CONVERSE, then add links to the project page, as shown below:

1. in the position of the navigation on the topic name with H1 tags, as shown in figure

today, I will introduce some ECSHOP project page optimization techniques, we all know the general can do three to four popular keywords can be, but we want to do some hot words, how to do? Yes, in addition to the column page, ECSHOP page is a good topic the choice oh. Take a look at me for a few tips we recommend. read more

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Buy links need to be cautious and more strict to have better effect

first, start from the site correlation. Most websites Link in the transaction, both correlation is very poor, so we will act in a diametrically opposite way, specifically to find some similar themes with their own website to buy links, so the effect is certainly better. The correlation is high, plus the other is high weight, but also home to one-way links to you, the effect is not good impossible.

link trading is not a long history, the rise of large-scale things only in recent two or three years. Had to rely on their own conditions is difficult to exchange links to high weight website, simply to simply Yilian money, enough money to give you a high weight website one-way links. This link effect is very obvious, many websites also rely on the purchase of high weight links to a large number of obtained ranking and benefit is very ideal. read more

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Only the longevity of the chain can let us no menace from the rear

set up the third party free blog is a way to do the chain is the most common, in fact this is a long chain of the best, interfere with your own blog is not by outsiders, so the third party blog is a good choice. But there are a few points that need attention, that is not to let the blog closed, like Shanghai, Peninsula blog, blog bus blog is no room for these ads, if you must be very careful to do links, in fact, recently this time sina is also very strict. Suggest you send the chain will not be too greedy, I saw some friends in the blog chain when an article do some anchor text, and links, what phone number, QQ, what are placed on the mailbox, this is very easy to be convicted of advertising. So everyone in the time of the chain blog can’t send a few articles up to leave a link, let it come naturally, so your blog generally not something, the best is often able to update your blog. read more

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Love Shanghai sitelink released to the individual stationmaster pointed out the direction

so, how can we reach this point? "If you come up with a large number of high quality content, a large number of high quality chain" and other words, no one is willing to look at estimates. Then I would say some data that the bar is very practical. First of all, included in the lowest, and no more than 10 thousand, I believe this point can give many people a certain degree of confidence. Secondly, the content quality, although high quality content has obvious advantages, but I can clearly tell you that some web content have almost completely original, all is to copy, it is estimated to have again, as cheerful as a lark? In Shanghai love chain (I mean the domain check out) at least, only about 50 thousand, although this number looks quite scary, but familiar with the webmaster should understand that this number to achieve, is not a very difficult thing. Finally, say that these sites stand age, the younger one, now about 4 years time, is not new, but still not a particularly old station. read more

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360 and the noble baby cooperation of the domestic search industry Fengyuyulai

360 search for the search industry played a subversive role, the original 360 ferocious search just a few days have been looted more than 10% search share, become only the second search engines love after Shanghai. Although it is early > 360

more than 90% nobility baby’s revenue comes from its search advertising. So for the 360 noble baby in the search engine that is absolutely worthy of the original choice.

noble baby is the world’s largest search service provider, and China has a search service the world’s largest market, but also the greatest potential. Once the baby can occupy Chinese aristocratic search market, so the search for the noble baby hegemony will not shake. read more

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Analysis on the personal love Shanghai update

can see from the above domain name of this station for a long time, we are a veteran of the gynecological medical station, No. 8.25 before the weight between 4-5, the updated weight up to 6

love Shanghai this 8.25 big changes, as many webmaster unexpectedly broke out, but in the webmaster is contrary to expectation changes too big, big basically all the webmaster more than expected, especially in the medical industry. Don’t know why I love Shanghai each change the protagonist seems to be the most injured medical stations, 6.26 medical stations cheating acquisition, most of the 90% dead, pseudo original station ranking disappeared, this let many webmaster stand, why? Because of the love of the Shanghai rectification station basically after all survived 6.26 big changes, basically all is the webmaster in serious operation, I like the love Shanghai right down to several medical stations, for I am very concerned about the station, usually are updated every day and send the chain, and never cheat and collect the most the article is relatively high and the pseudo original. But this ranking is down very thoroughly. This problem occurs after I is in each big forum has many N webmaster group are discussed, the medical industry station are mostly not ranking, search keywords are basically third party platform and Shanghai love their products. How affected only individual station no! All these days I mainly study several ranking not affected by the update of the medical station may find the following: read more

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According to Shanghai dragon optimization and web application and perfect user experience

According to

Web interface design

now pay attention to good-looking, especially some of the traditional old enterprise "

1, web application environment


optimization and web application and perfect user experience. Now some customers need a website to look good, do not care about the site of Shanghai Longfeng optimization; some care website of Shanghai Longfeng website design optimization, don’t care too much about the quality of the interface; of course the most or the website should not only look good, but also to take care of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, eventually can bring better flow, better promotion of enterprise. In fact, the enterprise wants to achieve the purpose of publicity, can bring the best method of flow or program environment, programming, web design, optimization of Shanghai Longfeng knowledge perfectly, at least take the maximum of considering the range required, as far as possible to take care of. How to optimize the website of Shanghai dragon and website design and how to combine them? And website program together? Look at the financial letter Xiaobian to recommend several matters needing attention. read more

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360 comprehensive search crawler spider bid ranking system development

Add 360Spider related code in the robots.txt file

A5 station network August 28th news, yesterday announced the official launch of 360 search search spiders (also called crawlers) – 360Spider. 360 comprehensive search Sina official said that if micro-blog webmaster want their website by 360 comprehensive search included, please check the website robots.txt file will allow 360 search spiders crawl your site content. If the site is not allowed 360 search spiders, as long as in the robots.txt file to add 360Spider code. read more

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Google keyword ranking optimization of Shanghai Longfeng factors have

Shanghai can learn their own dragon?

" related content? In a nutshell: keywords related all-round, comprehensive content.

and you will find that the search results appear in the top of the content includes the following contents:

Study of


has been written with the 200 noble baby ranking related factors, but the algorithm of nobility baby is constantly changing, and each of the factors influence ranking different weight ratio. So, if you want to make your website in the user search ranking to the noble baby of the first page of the search results, what are the key factors? read more

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Four months how will do second of the industry website

Last December The second stage: patience

got this website began to study this website up. Don’t know a look surprised, this website for example in my opinion there are many places I did not reach the standard, URL, page title, keywords, description of the layout, the whole framework and other issues. The biggest problem is the URL problem. URL was very confused, no level, URL is a long argument. So I write this website for existing a website revision plan. Because the website I do not add not proficient in the website program so this task to the construction site. Then send them there for a long time without modification. For they are not modified. That time is more painful. The website not changed and there is no way to operate, for a period of time that will do the preparatory work related, such as looking for the chain resources, add code to the site to site statistics, plus 404 error page, to the site of compression. May I write is to modify the plan difficult to implement so there has been no change to the company network. At last it unbearable to do this station manager directly responsible for call people to our company part-time, every month to give him much money, how much money I have not asked the specific. Money makes the mare go, that did the work under my urging website also gradually become the expected effect of. read more

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A God a new secret optimization months rose PR2

2: Q & A,

how do I put a just on the line a month of new sites do PR2, ALXEA:91W included 5000+ love Shanghai. Read the data, then the specific process optimization. (domain name is registered in June 15, the website is launched in July 1st)

: website internal link optimization

now Q & a platform, and love Shanghai, ask these link promotion basically is not feasible. This is not restricted and the question and answer. But the problem is the other small and medium-sized Tianya quiz quiz platform reprint probability is quite large, so you can make more chain. (this method is a slightly higher quality problem, not the copy and paste to write their own advertising links to answer others questions the way read more

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Analysis of new PR4 12 days of reason

also found that 1 of two level domain name, specializing in selling space of a class, the basic flow and not included, so not what impact on the overall situation.

for nearly a week, today a colleague told me that there is a expert website for 12 days to do PR on the 4, I was very curious, who is so arrogant, 12 days in such a short time, how is it possible? Many webmaster at this time, estimation also worry about love Shanghai why haven’t included the first page.. (the URL of the website is not made, this kind of thing we do lose win less, we love Shanghai search under 12 days of PR4 or read more

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5 note Du Shenghua linkbait determines the success or failure of production

link bait to try, do not have such a word.

In the development of

in recent years in Shanghai Longfeng concept gradually by people with more knowledge, external links means is becoming more and more difficult. This link bait is the development of the times and the emergence of faster and better with more natural and effective link technique. It means creating useful content to attract the public eye, so you can attract more webmasters and bloggers that make them feel worthwhile to give you a link, so you will succeed. Note that in the production process requires 5 aspects: read more

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A mental map of website optimization to teach you the most cattle


4, through the analysis of user needs, the degree of competition in the industry comparison, determine the key words to do, and then do your site layout, the title should be how to write, how to distribution page navigation, but also how to put these pictures into a layout, Zhang Caotu, to do this analysis is reasonable.

2, which leave keyword analysis is the most traffic conversion (such as marking machine, marking machine in pneumatic marking machine, laser marking machine is the traffic into a keyword, but the laser marking machine, pneumatic marking machine may be 3 to 5 times this) it is a step in my analysis of how the users to search keywords. read more

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Analysis how Shanghai dragon Er dream

2013, Shanghai dragon industry began a large outbreak, many people also go into a lot of people. Because the girl at that time go halfway, if feel if in this way, in the future, in the dream? Once again confused, choose another girl, in a different way. In July 2013, my resignation, go Shanghai dragon occupation, many things in Shanghai dragon world, the chain is not to promote the ranking factors, the content of plagiarism also evolved. These are my return after 2014 to know things.

! [ !

2011, Shanghai dragon is a hot one occupation, NH is to enter the Shanghai dragon industry at this time, remember that girl for three months the main keywords do the home page, the girl remember very clearly, every day outside the chain, the three month ranking have begun to rise. Oh! That girl when still don’t know leave the link that the chain, in charge of the day and told me, think of that time how simple ideas. Now you get outside the chain is outside the chain, really do not know can not drive ranking. If the time with the same girl entering the industry can leave a message or add my QQ, we communicate with read more

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On 2014 Shanghai love what to pay attention to and adjust algorithm

home page on the right to directly call the business license

love from the beginning of Shanghai’s official website, apply to the security alliance, to love the official website of the Shanghai platform for certification (but before applying for, now mostly failed) love Shanghai "official website" can move, and switch to the official website of application platform, guess this is love the sea to prepare fully open applications, give more show the fully qualified website or business opportunities. read more

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How to do network promotion work site

practice, only to see the final website promotion effect, also is to see your audience to know the website promotion methods currently used properly. The ideal effect is of course happy, if the promotion effect is not satisfactory if it is to find out the key problems and on this basis to make adjustments to the current site promotion methods.

3. select some website promotion way

2. second to clear website promotion methods.

before, to send messages to the forum, blog links to stay, such as supply and demand information classification. This way did not say what for what is wrong, the key is to find a suitable way. Some people is to publish industry website, can have very good effect. For example, the valve industry site Dong’ou valve network in which many enterprises only publish information on supply and demand, through their own East Ou pump valve network optimization technology, the buyer flows smoothly into the enterprise products in shops, the first step effect of network marketing has been basically achieved. read more

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Three new board ushered in break net tide Every 10 market making enterprises have 1 broken net attR

according to understand the data of the new three board research center, as of February 24, 2017, the new three board broke net stocks reached 150, accounting for 9.17% of 1636 market making enterprises.

, someone on sent me such a message today,

data source: Choice, read three new board research center

you may not have noticed that the new three board market has quietly ushered in a wave of "break net" tide".

this means that in just six months, the company has increased by 1 times, adding 11 new homes each month, adding nearly 2 a week. read more

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