Grassroots entrepreneurs these unspoken rules you need to know

for grassroots entrepreneurs, the same is their desire for success, but grassroots entrepreneurs will encounter more difficulties than ordinary entrepreneurs, success is more firmly believe. As a grassroots entrepreneur, these unspoken rules you need to know.

"capital" of fate: PE,   VC, Angel; seeds of early A B rounds of a chair; we always encounter disappointment, and capital, pass, and like love; in fact nothing, is the fate, who did you meet, or not meet who will eventually think is doomed". Capital is not the choice of love, but no heartbeat and meaningless fawn, and marriage, to find consistent values, the dream is closer to the right; and we do not seek capital can not pull the key when fueled, entrepreneurs have legs, is absolutely down. So, look at the best state of mind is "capital" tolerance is One can be austere without selfish desires "". "Karma" is for you, although you are not careful to marry him, don’t expect him to work hard for you as you haggard, conversely, you don’t work hard for him for his gaunt but not who told you, received a dowry to marry a sedan wolf (Lang)? read more

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4 challenges of female entrepreneurship

we often say that it is more difficult to be a woman than to be a successful woman. This sentence is particularly evident in the female entrepreneurship and correct. What are the challenges in the process of female entrepreneurship? Pay attention to it!

three challenges: market competition is not standardized, female entrepreneurship difficult to market economy is still in the transition stage from the planned economy in China, the market economy has its own advantages, also has its inherent negative effects, such as the pursuit of value for use unscrupulous divisive tactics, at the expense of use value and value. In the field of business, there are also disorderly competition, lack of integrity, moral anomie and other phenomena. In this environment, the woman is shouldering the burden of career and family two, it is difficult to have more energy to socialize social affairs, deal with various relationships.

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nvestment in cheap chain hotel market is good business Business

with the rise of our tourism industry, we continue to improve the level of consumption. Small entrepreneurial choice to join the chain of cheap hotel projects, but also very wise, very business opportunities. High quality entrepreneurial projects, you are not very exciting?

and high-end hotel freeze out of market to Fasthotel industry to become the meat and potatoes. The hotel industry reshuffle transformation imperative. In the Fasthotel, a beautiful environment, elegant environment, facilities, service, the hotel has a better future. Cheap home, professional service team, comfortable room environment, give you the general feeling of home. Cheap living in a convenient, fast, affordable, more comfortable, more comfortable. read more

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Entrepreneurs in Shenzhen can receive online business envelopes

now the whole society for the majority of entrepreneurs entrepreneurial activities actually have an encouraging attitude, at the same time, in such a era of entrepreneurship in today’s society, entrepreneurship has become a popular trend, around also introduced many different policies to encourage entrepreneurship.

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Lhasa city to promote the construction of highway

Tibet autonomous region to promote economic development in the past few years, the establishment of a number of routes to help people achieve better and faster development, worthy of attention. 3017 years, built from Lhasa to Linzhi, Gongga airport to Ze when high-grade highway. This reporter has learned that this year, Lhasa city road will be opened to traffic; at the same time, three road is expected to open in July.


of the party since eighteen, Tibet autonomous region, and vigorously promote the construction of highway traffic, formulated the "Tibet autonomous region traffic super conventional development plan", the implementation of the gala mountain tunnel and Yajiang bridge expansion project and Milin to Pakistan, Lhasa to Linzhi, to the Gongga airport to Xigaze Peace Airport to Zetang and sangzhu Zi highway engineering Lhasa City, the construction of road project. read more

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9 yuan jewelry shop location

open a 9 yuan jewelry shop is very good, you can not look down on such a small shop, this shop is still very good to make money. Now, people’s demand for jewelry is also growing, especially small adorn article market unusually hot. Venture to open a 9 yuan jewelry shop, how to choose? Let’s take a look.

9 jewelry shop how location? According to the location of the shop location

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A good project to add color to people’s lives

years ago, when our family had the first phone, on the phone before the blare of the hands of how many emotions, with the changing times, beep sound did not change, but more and more people feel monotonous and boring, so it customized ringing tone appears in people’s life!

customized ringing tone is personalized and colorful ring back tone service "(Coloring  Ring  Back  Tone) for short, it is a customer called for other customers call his mobile phone calling set special sound (music, songs, stories and characters of words) ring back tone service. read more

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Great potential to open a business Restaurant

eat in restaurants, China was given a lot of meaning, it is not only to fill the belly so simple, for the business people, many successful business people because there is no special social occasions, they often become the table exchange, and promote the business reach way out. Based on the market demand situation, the potential to open a business restaurant.

"it’s just too important for business people to eat. Because of the commercial purpose, how to eat is no longer a simple thing. Abalone, bird’s nest worth mentioning, has become a business tool or props." A diet expert said. Indeed, because of China’s traditional culture history and living habits, so long in China, "eat" is given a more complex meaning, often want to do a thing, always through the way to dinner. read more

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Chinese hawkers selling small accessories in Dubai lucrative

for entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs need to find a good market, is the first to find a good market demand, in fact now is whether in the home or in some foreign markets, there are many social opportunities.

has been outside the impression of Dubai is a typical "tall" nouveau riche Emirates, here life is either the wealthy, or is the nouveau riche talented senior white-collar workers, but when you set foot on this land, you will find that this is a full of vigour, atypical "full of opportunities in emerging markets, for all walks of life here, entrepreneurship. read more

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Bathroom brands have a big name awareness

now people have a higher pursuit of quality of life, buy Bathroom products, has not only limited to the practical investigation, more is to look at the brand, the pursuit of taste. In the era of brand consumption, the importance of brand in the market competition is becoming more and more important. For sanitary enterprises, face many enemies at home and abroad should establish a "big consciousness", go Seiko quality route, to grasp the victory.

The establishment of

quality system to ensure quality formation read more

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Braised chicken rice new food chain hot spots

as Lanzhou ramen, Shaxian County snacks in general, Huang braised chicken rice in China’s food and beverage market occupies an important market, has become a popular choice of food and beverage chain. Why from the beginning of the hot up to now has passed four or five years, businesses are still willing to choose to enter the industry, to join the brand?

1, low cost

for all enterprises, cost control is a must. Low cost, high yield, this is the way to make money. Braised chicken Steamed Rice cost is very low, Steamed Rice, chicken, green pepper, ginger, letinous edodes can buy in the market, a large number of the purchase price will be lower; is the key to the taste of the sauce, if it is to join the shop can be purchased from the store, if you are doing their shops can also choose to buy in the network of course, if you are sick, their deployment is greatly compressed on the cost. In addition, unlike some brands or products need to spend money on advertising, yellow braised chicken rice is the sign of their own advertising, which gives businesses a chance to save costs. read more

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Do business requires an understanding of both the whole


for any business people, in fact, most worried about is the quarrel between the two sides, once the conflict, will not only lose the customer, even will cause a very bad influence, bring more disadvantages for shops. So, no matter what kind of business is running, in fact, both sides need to understand.


is an evening in February 3rd, the snow floating in the sky, I put the tent outside the shop just pull down by half, is preparing to shut the shop for dinner, at this time, a convulsive uncle came up, girl, wait, don’t close the door, I want to buy some kind of special purchases for the Spring Festival go back to. read more

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Dr tea franchise business is hot investment market is very broad

today, a lot of people love in the leisure time to savor the sweet taste of tea, feel, in many tea brands, tea, tea is very popular, as a well-known brand of tea tea tea, bursting with popularity, is the majority of entrepreneurs trust.

tea stores that buy a drink takeaway, it to the "professional, fast, delicious and healthy" business philosophy in the restaurant chain industry to establish a model of brand image.

Project Description:


tea, tea boutique, had let you export a fragrance, long aftertaste, aftertaste is not only the slightest sweet heart, is the indelible sweet tea! Dr. join, you open the door for you to become rich, prop up the wealth of new world. read more

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nvestment real game project can make money the whole

business opportunities for entrepreneurs, people have a lot of ideas, but this idea is able to meet the needs of the market, which is something people do not know. In short, in today’s market, the entertainment industry has become a relatively high profits of the industry, the rise of investment projects in a variety of entertainment, so many investors found new business opportunities, let them take advantage of a market situation that made a fortune.

and the emergence of a new entertainment project in the near future, that is the real game project, the rise of such a project, but also attracted investors attention, so for people who want to start a business, the rise of this project is to bring them a new opportunity to make money. If we choose to join the investment game items can give us money? In fact, if we are able to join in the decisive now, choose a good investment projects, for us, whether it is profit or development prospects are relatively good, why do you say so? read more

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The whole of several more popular children’s clothing stores Business

parents always want their children to be better, when buying clothes for children is also very good, but to the success of the operation of a children’s clothing store, not only to have a good product, but also have good management methods, so as to let the children’s clothing store prosperous. So, for inexperienced entrepreneurs, how to operate in order to let the children’s clothing store business fire?

1, children’s clothing store location is critical. A lot of good will, the flow of people is also large, will make your business in the shop fire up, so people often choose the address, to find some large flow of people. Good lot, the flow of people, which can save money to do publicity, but also to save time to improve the brightness of knowledge, contrary to a lot of relatively long period of time to keep. In particular, the competition is so fierce, can not afford to spend much time. read more

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Bridal decoration with which the whole technique

wedding is not the general product, people will focus on the very store environment at the time of consumption, therefore, only do the wedding dress shop renovation work, so that it can make the management of the store is more popular, the business is getting better and better. However, how to shop decoration, is not familiar with the current number of investors. So, what are the wedding shop decoration skills? Let small make up a brief introduction.

operating wedding shops, in addition to the strict purchase of the wedding dress, shop decoration style is also very important. How can the wedding shop decoration is a low-key luxury grade, attract customers to choose wedding products, effectively enhance the performance? Xiaobian for everyone to introduce the use of decoration techniques. read more

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What are the Niuluobin cake to join project support

hungry can eat bread to eat, can eat bread with the greedy. Of course, delicious sweet bread can bring you the ultimate taste buds enjoy. Now the cake dessert is very welcome by the people, no matter in what place, there are adults and children come to buy to enjoy, especially Niuluobin cake, it is by virtue of cake design rich, deeply attracted by the vast number of consumers, so that people can enjoy a rich cake delicacy, so that every consumer be faithful repeat.

Niuluobin cake join? Can give investors what support? read more

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How much money the buffet All people belong to one family


buffet choose what brand is good, Xiao Bian think buffet is a very good All people belong to one family. investment project. International delicacy of All people belong to one family. was founded in Guangzhou in 2005. To set the world delicacy in a star studded "diet concept, western chef, the world food trend, produced more than 20 series of hundreds of international delicacy.

How much money

All people belong to one family. buffet?

restaurant design advocate low-key luxury style, ship wood device art and visual identity system, highlighting the fashion taste, leading the new trend of eating. As of September 2011, the catering agency has successy created a "All people belong to one family. All people belong to one family." and "four products", "party fishing", "four GUI Bao" 4 brands, a total of 9 stores, a set of art, fashion, culture in one of the well-known theme restaurant chain. read more

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n 2017 the new cabinet ten brands list the whole

in a variety of Home Furnishing supplies, cabinets can be said to have played a very important role in the cabinet as part of Home Furnishing, and also the people in the decoration of a large consumer, ambry to satisfy the customer and his family in the kitchen decoration function demand and demand, complex and important. It is shown that it is necessary for the consumer to know the brand of the cabinet when choosing the cabinet. Small collection of some of the top ten brands in 2017, the cabinet list information, we hope to bring help. read more

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