Discussion on why PR is still concerned about the webmaster

do not know will not appear webmaster completely do not care about the PR in the future, but at least in quite a long period of time, there is no way to do not pay attention to the PR. Finally, all want to ask a question, you can do not focus on Google PR? The Henan Shanghai dragon Fanfan blog www.fanfan贵族宝贝 original Shanghai dragon.

your website PR? Your website PR is so low?…… This is a station exchange Links when many people in the recent Fanfan do say most of the words. When in fact he is very angry, think what time there are so many people are so concerned about Google’s PR value, Google PR is important? Do not say that Google PR basically no what too big reference value for those of us love Shanghai web site? Then think carefully, it is understandable. To really do not pay attention to Google PR, who can we do that?


every thought carefully, we can not say the webmaster is a hypocrite, say one thing and do another, for we can only say that PR has formed the inertia, the equivalent of you have been living in the north, the staple food is noodles, suddenly let you to the south, became the staple food of rice, it is hard to be used. The reason I think Google had created PR to weight information is convenient and intuitive to see a website, for the webmaster, when other website information, at present can be said that no one can be very intuitive to query tool to see the weight information website, although a love Shanghai weight. Just as when we exchange Links, if in order to determine the weight of a web site, take a few minutes to see included, see snapshots, look outside the chain seems to be somewhat wasteful, and PR is still the most intuitive, if we give up, it is difficult to.

due to the recent years the market share gradually decline, but Google is gradually weakening the value of PR, while the domestic most of the sites is on love in Shanghai for survival, so PR value gradually let the webmaster desalination, various articles within the industry are rendered PR not what reference, can give up. But to say that doing, most of the webmaster, can not say one hundred percent, should be 90% of the owners are still very important site of the PR value, your site PR increased or reduced to PR, or depressed.

Google PR is Google launched its own website weight calculation method, then gradually in the circle has become the core standard to evaluate a website of the high and low weight. Any exchange or sell Links link first to see is Google’s PR, PR high natural good exchange Links, if you want to exchange the station without PR, Links, can not say impossible, but also can be said to be difficult. No matter how stressed their station included good, fast update, others say that your site no PR or PR is too low, not for

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