File scanner network a few simple steps to teach you how to optimize the website of Shanghai Dragon

three. In this paper for the optimization, to focus on the keyword density, the natural distribution of keywords in the article, will not affect the reading, rather than keyword meaningless stack, and usually at the beginning and end of words can improve the degree of correlation, increase weight. Of course, for the smooth and natural, keywords can also be in the form of transformation and split, this is also a kind of optimization method for the article, should pay attention to the split keyword proximity is also split, these measures will optimize the content of the article.

file scanner network owners think: in Shanghai Longfeng optimization of all aspects of the optimization for the website content is more important, a website only has rich content can be included in search engines, to enhance the site’s ranking, to promote the development of the construction site. The following file scanner network: a few simple steps to teach you how to optimize the


, four key links. To the site to do some links such as: Links, forum, blog links, WeChat links etc.. Links, this must be done as to the importance of it does not need too much of the small. Link correlation, whether you through what kind of ways to expand the chain, and the preferred target page topic related content platform to obtain the chain link resources; widely, if you often focus on analysis, webmaster link will find the number issued outside the chain on the same platform by search engine connection >

Reasonable layout, key website of Shanghai dragon?

, the choice of keywords, choose good keywords is the first step of the website optimization, construct the index database by keyword correlation with the content of the page, is a search engine based survival. Keywords accompanied by the generation of user needs, a good TDK plan, is not the site itself subjective assumptions, and lies in the real needs of users point, small Shanghai Longfeng road is from the beginning of the TDK, was a mentor every little bit instruction, practice after Xiao Bian understand, reflect the final effect a little small, all along not to write TDK a little slack himself, seemingly basic things is not common key words, as the most important part of the five elements of Shanghai dragon, Xiao Bian was re instituted, is to remind those who cling to detour, go Grey black line Shanghai dragon Er, run way don’t ignore the initial starting purpose.

two, update high quality original article. Based on the optimization of Shanghai dragon is to update high quality articles on the site, the site of the page as far as possible rich variety, good to hear or see, has a certain appeal, but the most important thing is the information and continue to update the high quality, so you can get more keywords, take advantage in the competition in the industry in addition, some authoritative article will be outside the station quoted in the media, expand the influence of the site.

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